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Asmallgnez Mo & Chris Brown's Much-anticipated Collaboration Is Here.
(3.5k )
Chris Brown & Agnez Mo Unleash A Powerful Duet In "Overdose"
Agnez Mo & Chris Brown - Overdose
By Alex Zidel
July 27, 2018 09:39

Agnez Mo & Chris Brown's much-anticipated collaboration is here.
For weeks, Chris Brown has been teasing his upcoming collaboration with artist Agnez Mo and after a patient wait, the full version is finally here. We've heard several previews and from the sounds of those, it was apparent that this could be the next hit for Breezy. With an electronic vibe and two amazing singers going back and forth, "Overdose" has all the elements of a hit and with the complete track now available to consume, we finally have the chance to gauge where this song will go.

Releasing the official lyric video, Agnez Mo came through on her YouTube page, dropping the single we've been waiting for. "Overdose" combines Chris Brown's talent with an artist that many may not be familiar with. Agnez Mo is an Indonesian pop star and she's been in the game for a minute, working with Chris Brown recently on the Heartbreak on a Full Moon deluxe version. This marks their second collaboration and it's bound to be widely received as well, based on name power alone and the quality of the track. As expected, this is a banger. Using a drug overdose as a metaphor for their love, the two have been rumored to be dating in the past. This duet is no confirmation of a fling between Brown and Mo but we can't lie - their voices sound great together.

While it is a questionable time to release a track called "Overdose" after Demi Lovato's relapse this week, the track is absolutely unrelated to the situation. How are you feeling this new collaboration?

Quotable Lyrics:

You know why I'm going crazy?
Because of you, only you, I
Hypnotized, you got me mesmerized with the thought of you
I'm in awe of you, oh
She's my medication for my heartbreak
Oh, I need her
She rehabilitates me
But I'm still addicted, yeah, to her

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TOP COMMENTkalvinowusu77Jul 27, 2018 This is hot 12 Reply Share Report
scandalicious788 h I really don't like this Reply Share Report
Deathstrokethatnigga ??️?
Deathstrokethatnigga ??️?Jul 28, 2018 Trash in Cory Graves words "Hot Mess" 1 3 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????Deathstrokethatnigga ??️?18 h What up, my nigga? What up, my nigga? Big ups, my nigga, we up, my nigga You pussy ass nigga, man, fuck y’all niggas, Cause I’m that nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, I’M THAT NIGGGGGGGA! 1 1 Reply Share Report
Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged
Bizarre N “Creepy” RuggedDeathstrokethatnigga ??️?16 h make your jokes but at the end of the tour when the sales go up and he succeeds you will be looking stupid. 1 Reply Share Report
peachyice7Jul 27, 2018 I like..yes 1 Reply Share Report
Playboy X
Playboy XJul 27, 2018 Breezy with another hit! ?? 3 1 Reply Share Report
HNHH Spellchecker
HNHH SpellcheckerJul 27, 2018 at this point, when i see there's new chris brown, im more looking forward to Deathstroke's comments than listening to the music 4 2 Reply Share Report
New Nigga at HNHH||MJ The True ?
New Nigga at HNHH||MJ The True ?Jul 27, 2018 The last bit of the article about demi lovato was totally unnecesary to add 5 1 Reply Share Report
Suckon dznutz
Suckon dznutzNew Nigga at HNHH||MJ The True ?Jul 27, 2018 You do drugs... you face the consequences. Dumb little nigger. 3 Reply Share Report
New Nigga at HNHH||MJ The True ?
New Nigga at HNHH||MJ The True ?Jul 27, 2018 @Suckon dznutz : The hell are u talking about? I just said the topic of lovato didnt have to be in a chris brown song article, i said nothing about lovatos situation. Why did u say Nigger? U bitch ass 3 Reply Share Report
Marcy Son
Marcy SonJul 27, 2018 With HNHH introducing the character limit of 2000, Deathstroke finally finna write the Bible and The Qur'an combined in here ? 9 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????Marcy SonJul 27, 2018 Lmao that character limit is life bro. So happy for it. My thoughts much appreciate it 7 1 Reply Share Report
KiaKillsJul 27, 2018 Off top CB hardly ever disappoints I’m a fan I love him, this song is good. Just good not great. I personally feel like Agnez Mo part could have been done by just about anybody. Sevyn is his best collaborator. Other than Riri and we know what happened to that. I feel like I’m unfamiliar with Mo’s music but from the sounds of her on this record she is another Rita Ora, Pia Mia, Tinishae and all the rest of the women who sound exactly the same. Whose beauty surpasses their actual talent, but this is the world we live in where nothing is original and if it was original, wait there goes a new artist who sounds just like so and so. Over it.!!!! 6 1 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????KiaKillsJul 27, 2018 Song is better than great. That’s expected tho. When Chris Brown jumps on a song with someone he immediately takes it over and makes it his. This outcome is inevitable when CB is featured on a song. Is that bad tho? The song is beyond beautiful thanks to Chris Brown and his eargasmsic vocals. Yes he overshadows his female or male counterparts but the outcome is magical. You can’t expect to be on the same level as Breezy. He will always dominate. In Agnez Mo’s defense she is a huge star in Indonesia & this is an introduction to worldwide appeal. She didn’t showcase any unique traits on here herself & didn’t need to when Chris Brown takes lead & is the highlight and standout. She was bound to get left behind. Her LP is dropping & she will be dropping solo songs where the attention can be solely on her for one to judge better 2 3 Reply Share Report
SapphireKiaKillsJul 27, 2018 I see your point but when u supposedly do a duet. Both voices should be equally showcased otherwise it’s just somebody singing backup for the more talented artist. In this case CB. But if you listen to duets he has done with other artists like Brandy and Sevyn. We hear both voices. They should compliment each other. Yes CB is a powerhouse with immense talent and it’s hard to get your shine on if your mediocre. But I’ll give ya girl the benefit of the doubt. This is her cross over song with none other than CB. But if u know music like I know music duets showcase both artists. Case in point Avant and my girl Kiki. Kilt it. If u wanna get more current, Khalid and Normani. Equally shined on thier duet. Not just one person killin it and the other singing backup. #ijs. But I’ll keep an ear out for Mo to see if she is indeed any different than the rest. @Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ???? 5 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????KiaKillsJul 27, 2018 @Sapphire : That tends to be the case when an artist works with Chris Brown. Its his gift and his curse. He will always outshine you no matter what. I think your point further expands on that Agnez quite frankly is just not a strong vocalist on here to be on par with him because there have been other CB duets that I have liked more. Chris Brown is beautiful on this & acts like a one man show. I was only paying attention to his angelic vocals. I agree in the Brandy & CB duet we get to hear both of them. Also his duets with Keri Hilson, Jordin Sparks. That being said Chris Brown still out sings them with ease but at least they are more than just background vocals and contribute to the song. Khalid and Normani are both weak vocalists so it only makes sense they both get their own shine considering none of them are capable out outdoing the other. I cant be too hard on Agnez because she did try her best but this just what is to be expected. Chris brown also brings out the best in you. Im sure she will get the chance to showcase her vocals more now. Breezy gave her this huge platform and the video is dropping soon as well. She will be a household name & learn to get more comfortable with this setting. Chris Brown is also featured on Ella Mai's new single "Cheating". Ella Mai is a better singer than Agnez imo so I'm sure their voices will compliment each other stronger. Breezy will still be the standout of the track as always. 3 1 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????Jul 27, 2018 Overdose is already #1 in Indonesia. Let’s make it #1 everywhere in the world y’all! Track is poised to top the charts and hit #1 on the BB hot 100. It’s available on iTunes and all streaming platforms. I copped it iTunes and streaming it on Spotify. Let’s go! Chris Brown’s vocals are out of this world. Those angelic sound waves that vibrate against my ear put me in an immediate state of comfort and relaxation. The way CB matches his vocals chords with the instrumentation is flawless. Notice how CB will sing a note on a straight tone without making a vibrato showcasing his pure vocal strength. How he steadily transitions sounds going from high to low and low to high with such ease. You can tell he takes care of that gift of a voice which is a musical instrument of its own. An iconic masterful voice. He’s never rushed and always in control of the tempo. What makes CB’s voice that much more special is that when he wants more emphasis on certain points he will take it up a range while still providing crystal clear enunciation. His musical phrasing and versatility is uncanny. I want to overdose on Breezy ☺️. Can’t wait for the video! 7 5 Reply Share Report
Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged
Bizarre N “Creepy” RuggedJul 27, 2018 Overdose out nowwwww! fire! fire! fire! 4 1 Reply Share Report
Dot Samuel
Dot SamuelJul 27, 2018 1st of all her voice is altered. Can't sing at all. 2nd he's not shit! An abuser and liar 5 6 Reply Share Report
Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged
Bizarre N “Creepy” RuggedDot SamuelJul 27, 2018 hating much? 2 3 Reply Share Report
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????
Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 ????Dot SamuelJul 27, 2018 3rd You look like an old ragged bitch. Foh ugly. Keep trying to talk down on CB caz you know he keeps winning 6 4 Reply Share Report
GR€€K GØĐ €MPİR€Jul 27, 2018 Everything Breezy touches becomes a HIT?? 4 2 Reply Share Report
Joey Wheeler
Joey WheelerJul 27, 2018 Song is fire breezy and agnez mo killed it 3 3 Reply Share Report
Luda Richie
Luda RichieJul 27, 2018 If you listen close you can actually hear Chris beating the shit out this bitch too 3 10 Reply Share Report
KingCashLuda RichieJul 27, 2018? 1 3 Reply Share Report


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