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hot A New Unbelievable Feature have Been Added To The Forum
As you all know that I can't joke with you guys matter, I take your problems as mine and we both find Solutions to it.

Few hours ago, One of our Active moderator bring in a suggestion , you can read it here http://wapforum.com.ng/Thread-fixed-i-wa...-the-forum

We discuss on the discussion he bring, Some oppose it, while some support it.

The guy say "we should add a system to the forum, whereby members can create a group just like in Facebook"

Some said the ideal was invalid, while some say its a good idea.

As you know that flexible loves when members bring suggestions, I mean a genuine one, infact I can dash you 5k coins for that.

Now I have implemented what the guy says here http://wapforum.com.ng/Thread-fixed-i-wa...-the-forum

But you won't be able to create the group by your self, I will be the one to create it.

But there will be admins for each group as we know on facebook.

Works of the admin
1. He can approved member
2. He can approved member post
3. Deletion of members from the group

That is the work of the admin of the group.

Infact, you can check your profile and scroll below after the awards
And see the feature there.

But have not create the group, you will be the one to bring suggestions of group we gonna add e.g Jokes, Programming etc.

But that will be another Thread tomorrow.

Before that how did you see this feature?
There's Love In Sharing Big Grin
Its cool, i like it.
Your fingers and toes are your little friends, be kind to them. MrCallySmile
It is a nice idea. but it will make members to focus more in the group than the forum.
Change the world by being yourself.
(13-04-2018, 09:59 PM)Chrismaven Wrote: It is a nice idea. but it will make members to focus more in the group than the forum.

Shisha_goza yah, pple will focus on the group not the forum. But on the other hands, it will also draw many users to the forum...
Neva doubt me bcus, i can kill... (*Shits dont suck, you suck*)
like I said. its like having a blog on a forum. just assign admin to a specific section of the forum
CHEM [Dlastofmykind]
I see so u did it manually @flexible

Anyway thats gud.

And i dont think it will divert members from the forum.

Look at it this way. Even though u have a group on facebook with 10k members does that mean u wont login to ur fb acc before visiting accessing ur fb group.
Mhen yu are tryinq
Wow fantastics bri
@flexible, come take some Shisha_goza
Neva doubt me bcus, i can kill... (*Shits dont suck, you suck*)
@flexible it will be great
Idea Nσnsence Remains Nonsence Even When Spoken By Famous Scientist

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