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black l friend natasha his daughters best

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His Daughters Best Friend - Natasha L Black
(22 )
[Image: _40d3fdf9f5296afd1a610afda0ed0849.jpeg]
epub | 450.61 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B78BZ9Z4 | Author: Natasha L. Black | Year: 2022


Quote:I need this internship to help pay for law school
I'm lucky my friend convinced her dad to hire me.

He's intimidating, sexy and grouchy as hell that he agreed to help out some sorority girl.
We try to resist, but our chemistry is just too much.
Con and I spend a scorching night together.

My bestie can never know I've fallen into bed with her dad,
That I've fallen in love with him.

His vindictive ex tells his daughter about us.
My bff hates me. Con and I can never be together now.
I leave LA for good, go back to my small hometown,
With a broken heart and a huge secret.
Once so sure about my future, now I have no idea what I'm going to do.

One morning I come down to breakfast to find him sitting at my mom's table,
Might I actually get my happily ever after?

Category:Classic Romance Fiction, Women's Short Stories, Holiday Romance



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