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Her Alien Ex-con (monster Bites - Michele Mills
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[Image: _503e8051d23b461f943962e5e6bc9edf.jpeg]
epub | 163.71 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B16BVY7L | Author: Michele Mills | Year: 2022


Quote:I'm on the Omega 9 space station in the midst of a bungled prison transfer.

Handcuffed to a scary, impossibly tall, satanic-looking convict. Holy hell. And I'm on the run with him because it turns out he's breaking out of prison?

He's rough, bossy and throws flash-flames from his distended jaw. Yes, he's committed felonies, but he can also party all night, sing like a professional and shoot a blaster better than anyone I've ever met.

And his kiss is the stuff of legends.

Unfortunately, he's not the only one running from trouble. The Hyrrokin mafia is after me for.reasons?

I should be planning my escape, but apparently, this soon-to-be 'ex-con' has captured not only my wrists with those handcuffs, but my heart as well?

Author's Note: This novella is a standalone, but is more enjoyable if read in conjunction with His Human Socialite-the story of Aliyah's twin sister!

Category:Two-Hour Romance Short Reads, Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance



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