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Hand Reflexology & Acupressure - A Natural Way To Health Through Traditional Chine...
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[Image: f79ce9504947e49a53ed662e5a576257.png]
pdf | 12.72 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 979-8705769537 | Author: Feisong,Chen; Guozhong, Gai; | Year: 2021


Quote:Have you been working from home, not moving much, getting stiff muscles and generally not feeling very energetic?
Have you ever tried using reflexology for improving your health?
It is important to understand that reflexology cannot be simply regarded as just theoretical exercise. For us, as well as for millions of others who have been using this technique throughout history, the alternative healing practice of reflexology helps with self-healing and gives the sense of being able to do anything in the world.
Whether you are suffering from pain as a result of a medical condition, strain or injury, you may find that persistent pain is very debilitating. Reflexology massage takes a holistic approach to treatment, encouraging the body to realign and heal itself from any underlying issues or problems. This can immediately provide pain relief and reduce stress and tension.
If you are searching for a way to relieve stress and tension or looking for relief from symptomatic issues, Reflexology could provide you with some great benefits. As with any course of treatment, if you have existing or underlying medical conditions you should consult with your health care professional to determine if reflexology or any form of massage therapy could be beneficial to you. Be sure to disclose any issue to your reflexologist to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from the session and you feel better aligned and healthier after each and every session.
If you find that the do it yourself techniques in this book are helping you; be adventurous and try the other reflexes on the charts that have been provided. You will be amazed how much of a difference reflexology can make.
Whether you use reflexology to reduce symptoms, heal illnesses or relax, practicing these techniques will be one of the best decisions you can make for your health and well-being.
This book will cover:

[*] What Is Reflexology?
[*] History of Reflexology
[*] How Does Reflexology Actually Work?
[*] Basic Principles of Reflexology
[*] Benefits of Reflexology
[*] Reflexology Points and Areas
[*] When Should You Use Reflexology?
[*] When Should Reflexology Treatment Be Avoided?
[*] Reflexology Tools and Supplies
[*] Basic Reflexology Techniques
[*] Reflexology to Treat Health Issues
[*] Some Things to Bear in Mind When Applying Reflexology
[*] Reflexology and Other Techniques
[*] Complementary Healing to Reflexology

The information shared in this book will help you understand reflexology and help you differentiate between the facts and myths associated with the practice. Use the information shared in this book in your best interest and start applying reflexology in your life.Your hands, feet, ears face and head, are the doorway to your entire body and by treating them right, you can successfully keep up with your health. You are just one step away from enjoying a better and more peaceful life.
Click the "Buy Now" button to start your reflexology journey!.

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