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remy project cavilich sky armageddon hakais

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Hakais Sky Project Armageddon - Remy Cavilich
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[Image: _4d0144e80054d22f3909246872881749.jpeg]
epub | 652.94 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09S8SQRNR | Author: Remy Cavilich | Year: 2022


Quote:Celeste's menagerie is growing, but her males don't mind sharing. Will there be enough of her to go around when another captures her heart between his talons?

With crewmates Jax and Yuri still missing, Celeste and her furry feline mate journey deep into the heart of Aivarian territory. Ta'alo insists Hakai is the answer to her missing crewmate problem. Hakai is reserved, treated like a pariah, and seems to come with a lot of secrets. So when Ta'alo shows up with a Terran female in tow, looking very much like the cat that ate the canary, Hakai is wary of how much this favor will cost him.

Celeste ruffles Hakai's feathers at every turn, and he can't help but take the bait. Just as the two of them start to warm to each other, an Aivarian patrol drags a weary and roughed up Jax into camp. Torn between her new alien mate, one of the crewmates she's been searching for, and a male ostracized for his colors--and his association with her--Celeste is forced to make a decision: leave Hakai behind, or insist he joins her flock.

Celeste's situation is as tangled as the vines that creep up the tree Hakai lives in, but even he is not immune to the way her very existence draws males in--him included. He will help track down her other missing male, but when her use for him is gone, will she still want the hunky hawk around?

The Marvel-ous Mates of Artaxa Prime series is a slow-build menagerie R H, and Celeste's collection of alien mates will only grow larger with each subsequent book. The series should be read in order, to better understand all the surrounding elements of the plot.

Category:Genetic Engineering Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering Science Fiction eBooks, First Contact Science Fiction



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