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2021 career godstarter

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Godstarter Career 2021
(330 )
Able Seamen
Account Collector

Accounting Specialist

Adjustment Clerk

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Service Manager

Admiralty Lawyer

Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teachers

Advertising Account Executive

Advertising Agency Coordinator

Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering Technician

Agricultural Crop Farm Manager

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Equipment Operator

Agricultural Inspector

Agricultural Product Sorter

Agricultural Sciences Professor

Agricultural Technician

Air Crew Member

Air Crew Officer

Air Traffic Controller

Aircraft Assembler

Aircraft Body and Bonded Structure Repairer

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor

Aircraft Examiner

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist

Aircraft Mechanic

Airfield Operations Specialist

Airline Flight Attendant

Airline Flight Control Administrator

Airline Flight Operations Administrator

Airline Flight Reservations Administrator

Airport Administrator

Airport Design Engineer

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assistance Coordinator

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Ambulance Drivers

Amusement Park & Recreation Attendants

Anesthesiologist (MD)

Animal Breeder

Animal Control Worker

Animal Husbandry Worker Supervisor

Animal Keepers and Groomers

Animal Kennel Supervisor

Animal Scientist

Animal Trainer

Animation Cartoonist

Answering Service Operator

Anthropology and Archeology Professor

Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Agent

Appeals Referee

Aquaculturist (Fish Farmer)

Aquarium Curator

Architecture Professor

Area, Ethnic, and Cultural Studies Professor

Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Member

Armored Assault Vehicle Officer

Art Appraiser

Art Director

Art Restorer

Art Therapist

Art, Drama, and Music Professor

Artillery and Missile Crew Member

Artillery and Missile Officer

Artists Agent (Manager)

Athletes' Business Manager

Athletic Coach

Athletic Director

Athletic Trainer

ATM Machine Servicer

Atmospheric and Space Scientist

Audio-Visual Collections Specialist

Audiovisual Production Specialist

Automobile Mechanic

Automotive Body Repairer

Automotive Engineer

Automotive Glass Installer

Avionics Technician

Baggage Porters and Bellhops

Baker (Commercial)

Ballistics Expert

Bank and Branch Managers

Bank Examiner

Bank Teller

Benefits Manager

Bicycle Mechanic

Billing Specialist

Bindery Machine Set-Up Operators

Bindery Machine Tender

Biological Technician

Biology Professor

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Equipment Technician

Boat Builder

Book Editor

Border Patrol Agent

Brattice Builder

Bridge and Lock Tenders

Broadcast News Analyst

Broadcast Technician

Broker's Floor Representative

Brokerage Clerk

Budget Accountant

Budget Analyst

Building Inspector

Building Maintenance Mechanic

Bulldozer / Grader Operator

Bus and Truck Mechanics

Bus Boy / Bus Girl

Bus Driver (School)

Bus Driver (Transit)

Business Professor

Business Service Specialist

Cabinet Maker

Camp Director

Caption Writer

Cardiologist (MD)

Cardiopulmonary Technologist

Career Counselor

Cargo and Freight Agents

Carpenter's Assistant

Carpet Installer

Cartographer (Map Scientist)

Cartographic Technician

Cartoonist (Publications)

Casino Cage Worker

Casino Cashier

Casino Dealer

Casino Floor Person

Casino Manager

Casino Pit Boss

Casino Slot Machine Mechanic

Casino Surveillance Officer

Casting Director

Catering Administrator

Ceiling Tile Installer

Cement Mason

Ceramic Engineer

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Chaplain (Prison, Military, Hospital)

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Equipment Operator

Chemical Plant Operator

Chemical Technicians

Chemistry Professor

Chief Financial Officer

Child Care Center Administrator

Child Care Worker

Child Life Specialist

Child Support Investigator

Child Support Services Worker

City Planning Aide

Civil Drafter

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering Technician

Clergy Member (Religious Leader)

Clinical Dietitian

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Sociologist

Coatroom and Dressing Room Attendants

College/University Professor

Commercial Designer

Commercial Diver

Commercial Fisherman

Communication Equipment Mechanic

Communications Professor

Community Health Nurse

Community Organization Worker

Community Welfare Worker

Compensation Administrator

Compensation Specialist

Compliance Officer

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician

Computer and Information Scientists, Research

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer Applications Engineer

Computer Controlled Machine Tool Operators

Computer Customer Support Specialist

Computer Hardware Technician

Computer Operators

Computer Programmer

Computer Science Professor

Computer Security Specialist

Computer Software Engineers

Computer Software Technician

Computer Systems Engineer

Congressional Aide

Conservation Scientist

Construction Driller

Construction Laborer

Construction Manager

Construction Trades Supervisor

Contract Administrator

Contract Specialist

Control Center Specialist (Military)

Controller (Finance)

Cook (Cafeteria)

Cook (Fast Food)

Cook (Private Household)

Cook (Restaurant)

Cook (Short Order)

Copy Writer

Corporation Lawyer

Correction Officer

Correspondence Clerk

Cosmetologist (Hair Stylist)

Cost Accountant

Cost Analysis Engineer

Cost Estimator

Costume Attendant

Counseling Psychologist

Counter and Rental Clerks

County or City Auditor

Couriers and Messengers

Court Administrator

Court Clerk

Court Reporter

Craft Artist

Crane Operator

Credit Adjuster

Credit Analyst

Credit Reporter

Criminal Investigator (Detective)

Criminal Justice Professor

Criminal Lawyer

Crop Workers Supervisor

Crossing Guard

Custom Tailor

Customer Service Representative (Utilities)

Customer Service Supervisor

Customs Inspector

Cutting Machine Operators

Dairy Technologist

Database Administrator

Deaf Students Teacher

Delivery Driver

Demonstrators and Product Promoters

Dental / Orthodontic Office Administrator

Dental Assistant

Dental Hygienist

Dental Laboratory Technician

Dentist (MD)

Dermatologist (MD)

Desktop Publishing Specialist

Developmental Psychologist

Die Cutter Operator

Dietetic Technician

Dietitian and Nutritionist

Directory Assistance Operator

Disabled Students Teacher

Disk Jockey

Dispatcher (Safety Vehicles)

Door To Door Salesmen

Dry Wall Installer

Economics Professor

Editorial Writer, Newspapers & Magazines

Education and Training Administrator

Education Professor

Educational Administrator

Educational Psychologist

Educational Resource Coordinator

Educational Therapist

EEG Technician/Technologist

Electric Meter Installer

Electric Motor Mechanic

Electrical and Electronic Inspector

Electrical Drafter

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Parts Reconditioner

Electrical Technician

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Electromechanical Equipment Assembler

Electronic Drafter

Electronics Engineer

Electronics Technician

Elementary School Administrator

Elementary School Teacher

Elevator Mechanic

Emergency Management Specialist

Emergency Medical Technician

Employee Benefits Analyst

Employee Training Instructor

Employment Administrator

Employment and Placement Specialist

Employment Interviewer

Engine and Machine Assemblers

Engineering Managers

Engineering Professor

English Language and Literature Professor

Environmental Compliance Inspector

Environmental Disease Analyst

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Planner

Environmental Research Analyst

Environmental Science Technician

Environmental Science Professsor

Environmental Technician

Equal Opportunity Representative

Etchers and Engravers

Excavating Machine Operator

Excavating Supervisor

Executive Secretary

Exercise Physiologist

Exhibit Artist

Exhibit Designer

Experimental Psychologist

Explosives Worker

Export Agent

Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers

Facilities Planner

Factory Layout Engineer

Family Caseworker

Family Practitioner (MD)

Farm Equipment Mechanic

Farm Hand

Farm Labor Contractor

Farm Manager

Farm Products Purchasing Agent

Farmers and Ranchers

Fashion Artist

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion Designer

Fashion Model

Fence Installer

Field Contractor

Field Health Officer

File Clerk

Film Editor

Film Laboratory Technician

Finance Manager

Financial Aid Counselor

Financial Analyst

Financial Examiner

Financial Planner

Financial Services Sales Agent

Fine Artist

Fire Inspector

Fire Investigator

Fire Prevention Engineer

Fire Protection Engineer

Fire Protection Engineering Technician

Fish & Game Warden

Fish Hatchery Specialist

Fishery Worker Supervisor

Fitness Trainer

Flight Engineers

Floral Designer

Food & Drug Inspector

Food Batchmaker

Food Preparation Worker

Food Science Technicians

Food Technologist

Foreign Exchange Trader

Foreign Language Interpreter

Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign Language Translator

Foreign Service Officer

Foreign Service Peacekeeping Specialist

Foreign Student Adviser

Forensic Science Technicians

Forensics Psychologist

Forest and Conservation Technician

Forest Engineer

Forest Fire Prevention Supervisor

Forest Fire Inspector

Forestry and Conservation Professor

Forging Machine Operator

Forklift and Industrial Truck Operators

Fraud Investigator

Freight and Stock Handler

Fund Raiser

Funds Development Administrator

Funeral Attendant

Funeral Director

Furniture Designer

Furniture Finishers

Game Runner

Gas Plant Operator

General and Operations Managers

General Farmworkers

General Internists (MD)

Geography Professor

Geological Data Technicians

Geological Technician (Drafter)

Glass Blower

Gluing Machine Operators

Golf Course Superintendent

Government Budget Analyst

Government Property Inspectors

Government Service Executives

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graphic Designer

Greenhouse and Nursery Manager

Gynecologist (MD)

Hand and Portable Tool Mechanic

Hand Sewer

Harbor Master

Harbor, Lake & Waterways Police

Hardwood Floor Finisher

Hazardous Materials Removal Worker

Hazardous Waste Management Analyst

Health Care Facilities Inspector

Health Case Manager

Health Educators

Health Psychologist

Hearing Officer

Heating, A/C, Refrigeration Technician

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

High School Administrator

High School Guidance Counselor

High School Teacher

Highway Maintenance Worker

Highway Patrol Pilot

Historic Site Administrator

Historical Archivist

History Professor

Home Appliance Installer

Home Appliance Repairer

Home Economics Teacher

Home Economist

Home Entertainment System Installer

Home Health Aide

Home Health Technician

Horticultural Worker Supervisor

Horticulture Therapist

Horticulturist (Vineyard)

Hospital Administrator

Hospital Nurse

Hosts and Hostesses

Hotel and Motel Desk Clerks

Hotel Convention/Events Coordinator

Hotel Manager

Housekeeping Supervisors

Human Factors Psychologist

Human Resources Management Advisor

Human Resources Management Consultant

Hydraulic Engineer

Immigration Inspector

Industrial Air Pollution Analyst

Industrial Arts Teacher

Industrial Designer

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineering Technician

Industrial Health Engineer

Industrial Hygienist

Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Industrial Relations Analyst

Industrial Relations Specialist

Industrial Therapist

Industrial Waste Inspector

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Infantry Officers

Instructional Coordinators

Instructor, Police-Canine Services

Instrument Technician

Insulation Installer

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Agent

Insurance Appraiser (Auto Damage)

Insurance Claim Examiner

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance Claims Clerks

Insurance Estate Planner

Insurance Lawyer

Insurance Policy Processing Clerk

Insurance Underwriter

Intelligence Specialist (Government)

Interior Designer

Internal Auditor

Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired

Irradiated-Fuel Handlers

Irrigation Engineer

IT Administrator (Information Technology)

Janitorial Supervisors

Job Analyst

Job Development Specialist

Job Printer (Graphic Arts)

Kindergarten Teacher

Labor Relations Advisor

Laboratory Tester

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