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in dormitory girls boys 7 the episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory* ** ************* *episode 7* *========*
(3.9k )
Me: What!!!?
Kingso: shut up?
Adonko: *angry look* . Are you now our landlord? You want to get yourself into another trouble?
Zogaroo: Will you jump on your bed before we swallow you?
Zygote: You mean we should let him go freely like that?.
Benita: Oh forgive him, is just that the civilian life Is still in him, i have made plans to take it out from him.
Abortion: How are you going to do that?
First girl : He just need a f--k.
Second: By who?
First girl: Why? Don’t we have school daughters?
Third girl: I think Sweetbells is right because looking at this guy’s life I don’t believe he has ever f----d before.
Fourth girl: Haha, eei love doctors.How did you know he has never f----d before.?
All this while I was already on my bed without removing my school khaki trousers or my shirt.
These their arguments led Zogaroo asked me to come down so that they hear from my own mouth.
Zogaroo: Jake, tell me the truth, have you ever made love to a girl before?
Me: *Shy look and smiling* . please am a Christian.
And everyone bust into laughter.” Hahahah”
Kingso: But we are all Christians? Who is not a Christian here?
Girls: *chorused*. Noooo one.
Zygote: So does this truly means you have never f----d before?
Me: Nodded shyly.
Abortion: Oh my God, we have a virgin pastor here.
Sweetbells: I said it.
Second girl: Fresh boy like you at your age?
Benita: That means we have to first spoil this guy before he changes us.
Third girl: Am going to bring my school daughter here next Friday and whether you like it or not you are going to f--k her till you can’t release anymore. *Referring to me with seriousness*.
On hearing this my manhood started becoming hard and I have to rush to my bed before am caught.
Adonko: Am wondering if only this guy is not an impotent.
Zygote: See him, you lie bad. Ask Benita and she will gist you how this boy d--k became hard yesterday when he broke in at our fun time .
Sweetbells: Sure!?
Benita: As if you haven’t heard this . He is not an impotent, he has that huge thing between his legs but I don’t know why he has chose to play wicked to the pretty girls out there.
Kingso: Hey Jake.
Me: Senior.
Kingso: You are going to f--k ok.
Me: *Silent.*
Kingso: *Raised voice* Ok!!
Me: Yes senior.
Kingso: Better. A virgin is not accepted here.
Zygote: Boy come down and let our babies introduce themselves to you. You need to know your school mothers.
So I jumped down and was asked to sit on a chop box closed there.
Benita first introduced herself.
Benita: Am Benita and a proud girlfriend of King Zygote and I hope you already know.
2nd girl: Jessica but call me Jezy Baby and a proud girlfriend of Doctor Abortion.
3rd girl: Am Tracy and a proud girlfriend of Kingso.
4th girl: Am Agnes, call me Agi and a proud girlfriend of Adonko.
Sweetbells: Am Belinda popularly known as Sweetbells and a proud girlfriend of Zogaroo .
Me: *Smiling face* Ok nice to meet you all. *Stood up and was about to jump on my bed*.
Agi: So want you introduce yourself too?.
Me: *Smiling*. Am Jake Omar also known as Papa Jay.
Girls: eei so you have a nickname?
Me: *Smiling* and jumped on my bed.
They continued with their conversation with their boy friends for about an hour.
I was just lying on my bed having different thought.
*Oh God why did you bring me to this demonic ghetto? How am I going to survive here?, i have promised you that am never going to involve myself into any premarital sex until I get married but how am I going to fulfil this my promise to you here?*. I was asking God all these questions until I started hearing some noises after they have switched off the llight.
I heard some funny, funny sounds, moaning, etc.
I tried closing my eyes so that sleeping will over take me but that wasn’t successful when the moaning started from every corner of the room and finally graduated into screaming, awash, ooach, sssssh, mmmh etc.
My innocent d--k became hard and I could not sleep.
After about one hour time, there was total silence in the room and I thought they were all asleep so I decided to remove my uniform since I was not comfortable in them. As I stood up, removed my shirt and hanged it on the wall then I removed the trousers too leaving my hard d--k raising my boxer shorts into a horizontal position, someone switched on the light.


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