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in dormitory girls boys the 5 episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory* *episode 5* *========*
(3.3k )
Abortion turely started afresh when I screamed on the fifth round so I decided not to make any noise again but to close my eyes and face the situation as a man. So he started from one and when he reached fifteen we heard the dorm prefect announcing that the house master Mr. Akoto want to see everybody in room one within two minutes for an important announcement
So I was released to go but he will continue after the announcement.
I thanked God because the remaining ten want be much problem since I have been able to receive fifteen.
I left the *Lions Den* to room one to meet the house master.
Truely within two minutes everyone was there including the *Lions Den* squad and this made me to think the house master will be very strict looking at how everyone was rushing in including the notorious guys.
Before he started he called one of the seniors (Senior Raymond) whom I later realized he is the assistant school chaplain to pray.
After praying, the house master cleared his throat and said.
Mr. Akoto: We are in another academic year and as it always be, newly students are to be admitted, so if you look around or sees any new student in the school ,just know that he/she is one of you. He/she has come to join the Abusuakese (The great family) so as a senior of this new students you have to start putting up good behavior so that they will imitate you.
To you the juniors, the school rules and regulations are attached to your prospectus so I believe you have finished taking note on them but aside those rules, this house ( *The golden house* ) has its own rules but for now I will enlighten a few of the rules to you, as time goes on you will get to know the rest.
Firstly, you are to wake up fast whenever you hear the cry of the school syrine and clean the house and its compound. For now, you will be working together but we will let each of you know his duty in this house later.
Secondly, no one is to be seen eating inside the dormitory because doing so attracts insects,etc to the house.
Mr. Akoto after lecturing for about fifteen minutes finally asked Senior Raymond to commit us to the hands of the Lord as we go to bed.
After the prayers he dismissed us and as I turned and was heading to my room wondering in my own thought how am going to receive the remaining ten lashes, I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned to see Richard my new friend, the boy that rescued me from the “kenkey” role call senior.
Richard: Sup? Jake, you seem to be disturbed about something, hope everything is well in *the lions den* .
Me: Man nothing is well o. I’m really in a big problem.
Richard: Sure? What is wrong? Tell me I might have an alternative.
Me: Yeah but is a long story so let make it tomorrow ok.
Richard: Does it involve beating?
Me: yes. But as I said let’s make it tomorrow because a little delay will add more Sault to soup ok.
Richard: ok. Wish you well.
Me: Thank you.
I left him and went into the den after knocking this time.
Zogaroo rescued me from the remaining ten with the claim that at least I have learnt my lessons by knocking before entering and that was all they wanted to teach me but I will still do the settlement which I nodded to it so fast without asking which kind of settlements he is talking about.
Zygote then asked me to pay 60 Ghana cedis as settlement because they are five seniors in number plus Benita so everyone will be taking 10 cedis each.
I looked down because is too much for me but I was afraid of asking for reduction.
Kingso then asked me whether it is too much and I nodded to it so he asked me how much I could pay and I said 30 cedis.
Abortion: So you want to give us half of what you are to pay?
Me: Please is just that the money on me is too small.
Benita: I have forgiven him mine.
Zygote: So is now left with 50cedis, man pay make we go.
Me: *still silent*
One of the senior of the seniors whom I later knew his name as Adonko intervened that they should accept the 30cedis because no matter what am now one of them so they should just consider me.
So they finally accepted it and I payed them without delay then after that they warned me to never let what I saw in the room to heard by anyone whether in the school or at home, it should remain between me and them and I nodded to it.
The following day which was Friday was another day of revelation of *The Lions Den*


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