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in dormitory girls boys the 20 episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory**==========* *episode 20* *=========*
(8.3k )
I stood up on my bed, pretending like I just woke up and they all starred at me in a questionable manner.
Adonko: Boy come down, we want to discuss something small with you.
I quickly jumped down as if I didn’t know what the discussion is about.
Zogaroo: Boy, you have nothing to do than to just adhere to whatever we tell you here.
Kingso: Let me just go straight to the point. We want to go back to scamming and you have to join us so that you will not ask your parents for money again. What do you think?
Zygote: He don’t even have that option to think about this matter, is simple, whether he likes it or not he has to join us.
Adonko: May be he don’t understand us, we mean we are going to do fraud job here, 419 job and you are going to partake and that is final. No question from you is accepted but you can suggest.
I just kept calm on this because I had no excuse but I knew it in my heart that even if I learn how to do it, I will not scam anyone.
I was asked to go on my way and I went out to look for Richard since siesta was over.
We prepared for dining,
Before we get into the dining hall, we always have about fouty five to one hour to chat with our friends and love ones and this is what we term in the school as “parlon” . “Parlon” is a French word which simply means a guy in sexy conversation with a lady.
So it was during this
“parlon” time that I was chatting with Sandra with Richard and Sirina just closer to us then suddenly I saw Tracy, Agi and Shantel approaching us with more vigor. They reached us.
Shantel: This is the stupid girl am talking about.
Tracy: Hey! you shallow grill, what is the relationship between you and Jake?
*referring to Sandra*
Sandra: *Silent*
Agi: I hope you heard her clearly? *asking Sandra*
Sandra : He is my boyfriend. Just then Tracy raised up her hand to give Sandra a slap and Sandra quickly grabbed her hand in the air.
Sandra: See, don’t ever try this next time. Am not just any girl but am someone you must respect, Jake is my boyfriend and even if the headmaster ask me about it, I will say same.
Agi: Hey! you this girl, you have putting yourself into trouble. Do you want to stop schooling here?
Tracy: Haha I like your moral. You seem to be very bold, we shall see where that your so called boldness will land you.
Agi: See, this girl is the only girlfriend of Jake and you must stay away or else we will slaughter you and if you don’t know, Sandra is the daughter of minister of foreign affairs.
Sandra: That is why she needs to be very careful with me or else?
Tracy: See this foolish girl, a whole foreign affairs minister daughter should becareful with you? Who are you? or who are your parents?
Shantel: Am warning you for the last, you better stay away from my boy or else you will smell pepper.
Sandra: Ok we shall see who will smell pepper at the end.
They turned and moved away leaving me, Sandra, Richard and Sirina who came close to listen to what was conspiring.
Richard: In fact Sandra I like the way you faced them. You did well.
Me: I like Sandra boldness but I don’t really know the source of her boldness, to be honest, am afraid.
Richard: Man, as a man, you need to be bold to face some certain things, after all no one remembers a coward and cowards die many times before their death but the valiant never taste of death but ones, Never regret fearless my man.
Sandra: Non of them can do anything stupid to me or you. All I need is your faithfulness and the rest is history.
Me: Sandra, what is the secret of your boldness?
Sandra: That is not important for now.
Sirina: I know they will come after her in the dorm and that is my worry for now.
Sandra: Don’t worry my friend, just be calm.
The dining bell finally rung and we went for dining and after that we headed to preps.

nice one

Shisha_goza @Mayowa1 oya, fast. Post another one and tag me to it am enjoying this story so much. I never knew it was this interesting until i started from episode 1... Next plsss....

infact the story is woooh

make the guy quickly post 21...

The story was well written, the writer did a great work, but i don't like it. He wrote much about sex, so it's xxx story, i hate that honestly. Sad

@MrCally☆ den you shouldnt be reading it. The reason why am reading is just for fun...

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(21-08-2018, 08:46 PM)phanteez Wrote:
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den you shouldnt be reading it. The reason why am reading is just for fun...

I Stopped reading already @phanteezSmile

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