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in 19 dormitory girls boys the episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory**==========* *episode 19* *=========*
(4.3k )
Shantel: Shut up you stupid girl. We shall see. *She turned and walked away*
Sandra: Jake who is she?
Me: *Silent*
Sandra: I hope you can hear me, who is that girl?
Me: *Stammering* she, she, she is one of those girls in the den.
Sandra: Jake I hate lies, when did you tell me there is a form one girl in the den?
Me: Oh is true, she is one of those girls school daughter.
Sandra: So tell me, what is the relationship between the two of you?
Me: Please Sandra, there is no any relationship between us.
Sandra: so why is she jealous now? and if I may ask, who sleeps with her in the den? or if you can’t get me clear, whose girlfriend is she?
Me: I don’t know.
Sandra: So she only come there to sing for you guys?
Me: Sandra, will you stop all these questions?
Sandra: No unless you tell me the truth. She can’t just be jealous for nothing, there is something you are hiding from me, is either you tell me or I go my way that’s all.
Me: Please Sandra, keep calm and listen to me.
She was brought there by her school mother and the purpose was to sleep with me but I refused her after all her attempt, in fact I did all I could to deny her and I think you should applaud me not to be angry.
Sandra: Ok so why didn’t you ever talk about her to me?
Me: I never know her, she only came there yesterday.
Sandra: Oh ok, now what are you going to do to deny her forever? because everything indicates she is never going to stop chasing you.
Me: These are the questions am expecting from you. See, as am talking to you right now, I have no alternative plan to get her out of my way, this is what I was thinking about before you joined me here.
Sandra: Something must be done or else things will turn upside down because she is a hot girl too and I don’t believe you can deny her the second time if she attempt.
Me: I don’t deny them by my own power but by the grace of God.
Sandra: Hmmm ok but still something has to be done.
Me: That is why I need your help. Do you have any plan?
Sandra: Not yet.
Me: You see according to her school mum that girl is the daughter of a very powerful woman.
Sandra: Her mother is a spiritualist or what do you mean?
Me: No, she is the daughter of foreign affairs minister.
Sandra : Hahahaaaa!! and that makes her mum powerful?
Me: Sure but why are you laughing?
Sandra: Is just funny.
Richard and Sirina later joined us and from every indication, I knew Richard has won the battle.
Richard: What sup Tom and Jerry?
Sandra: Ah! you paa, you and Sirina are rather Tom and Jerry .
Richard: *Turned to Sirina* is it true?
Sirina: *Smiled over their jokes*
Richard: Jake what is wrong? it seem you are worried about something.
Me: Man life in the den is becoming too hotter for me day in day out.
Richard: Why? is there a new development?
Me: Yes o I even forgot to tell you.
Richard: Can we discuss it now?
Me: Make it later ok.
Richard :ummm
We continued with the chat till school was over and we went to the dorm side.
I went into the Lions Den and no one was in so I quickly removed my school uniform and jumped into my bed for siesta, I later awoke but still lying on my bed and overhead the seniors conversation.
Kingso: Guys so what do think we should do now?
Zogaroo: This security man they bore too much. How can you be increasing your salary every month?
Adonko: The question is, even if he want to increase it, why should he increase it above fifty percent?
Zygote: I think he just don’t want to work with us anymore.
Abortion: So can’t we have an alternative way to bring the girls in?
Zogaroo: There must be but it want be easy as this our plan, remember we inherited this plan from our seniors o meaning is the only best way to get the girls here.
Adonko : We shouldn’t even think of looking for another method or else this security man will expose us within a day.
Kingso: Am thinking of something.
Zygote: And what is that?
Kingso: Don’t you think we should get back to scamming?
Abortion: That is a very good plan my man.
Zogaroo: I second you too because ever since we stopped this thing, we have been broke.
Zygote: Going back to scamming will not only help us get money to pay this stupid security guard but will also help us get money into our pocket.
Kingso: So how are we going to get the laptops?
Zygote: That isn’t a big deal, all I need is to just go home.
Abortion: What? if Teacher Akoto becomes an intruder this?
Adonko: Man, don’t forget we still have his tape with us, he better stay calm or we expose him.
Zogaroo: I was even thinking we should force him to be bringing in the girls with the thread of exposing him.
Zygote: No that will be too wicked of us. Remember he is a well respected man. We only got him by blackmailing so we should just be content by the way he has accepted defeat.
Zogaroo: What of this guy?
*pointing to me on the bed and I closed my eyes like am still sleeping*
Kingso: We will teach him and he dare refuses to cooperate with us.
Adonko: Forget him, he is already a scammer by joining us here.
Abortion: If he belongs to heaven, what at all does he need in hell?
Zygote: May be he came for an excursion.
And all of them burst into laughter.
I stood up on my bed, pretending like I just woke up and they all starred at me in a questionable manner.


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