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in dormitory girls boys 18 the episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory**==========* *episode 18* *=========*
(5k )
I slept off after a few minutes and woke up and realise there is no girl in the den not even Shantel. We prepared for school.
We reached the assembly hall and had our seats.
The assembly started in no time and after the assembly the seniors went back to their various classes as usual.
I was left alone on my chair wondering on my thought since Richard is at one corner with Sirina, Sandra’s friend. I did not even border to look for Sandra because of the introduction of Shantel, is not that I love her but am thinking of a way to get her out of my way so that she will not conflict in our relationship.
So at first I thought of seeking advice from Miss Nana Konadu but I did not stand on this thought because I did not know how am going to seek her advise without letting her know the bone of contention. Before she can give the solution to my problem , it means I have to let the cat out of the bag and that can’t be possible for now because it was too early for action.
As I was still thinking deeply, I felt the presence of someone and I turned and saw Sandra seated beside me.
Sandra: Sweetheart, how are you?
Me: Am fine by His grace and you?
Sandra: Am fine too but I could not sleep yester night.
Me: Why?
Sandra: I was thinking of you.
Me: Thinking of me? As how?
Sandra: I was asking myself like ” so is Jake going to fulfill his promise to me in the den?, what ? If he sleeps with any girl will he still maintain that love he has for me now?, if those girls get to realise am the reason Jake is refusing them want they come after me?” . These and many questions passed through my mind and in fact I could not close my eyes for hours.
Me: Sandra, as we have decided not to involve ourselves in any immoral practices you know the devil will not just give up on us, he is foolishly going to try his best to see to it that we shall not succeed in our promise to God but I stand here today to declare to you that he is definitely going to fail in JESUS name!.
Sandra: Amen!!! *at the top of her voice and everyone turned to our direction*
These Sandra’s shout of amen helped Shantel to locate me easily because immediately she heard amen and turned to see me, she quickly stood up and headed towards us and her reaction showed she was looking for me.
As I saw her approaching, I intentionally pounded more on the preaching I started.
Me: Sometimes in life, you want to do something and you see temptations approaching from different angles, my sister take heart for you are on the right direction, others will be send to stop you by putting you through various temptations but never give up on your decision, refuse to be directed by fingers. Be bold and stand firm. The devil wants me to perform a task for him but I have no time to help him because I have already started with Jesus and my master is a good leader not a boss.
Sandra: Hahaha! I like that but what is the difference between a leader and a boss?
Me: A leader is someone who ask” HOW ARE YOU? ” and a boss is someone who ask” WHO ARE YOU?”, a leader prays” GOD ME AND MY FOLLOWERS” and a boss prays” GOD ME, MYSELF AND I”
A leader is not a leader because of his office but his attitude. You don’t need to be the head of an institution, a country ,organization or a group of people before you can be a leader that means you can be a leader now by your attitude towards others.
Sandra: *clapping* infact am proud for my future children, they have got a good father.
Me: Thank you.
All this while Sandra was standing right beside us and I stole to look at her and you need to see the jealousy in her eyes about Sandra’s remarks on me. She gazed at Sandra and I could smell danger . Sandra who did not know she has a new rival now beside her continued to talk more on our relationship and Shantel became angry and shouted at Sandra.
Shantel: Shut up you stupid girl. We shall see. *She turned and walked away*
Sandra: Jake, who is she?


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