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in dormitory girls boys 17 the episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory**==========* *episode 17* *=========*
(4.5k )
Tracy: Continue kissing him and rob your boobs against him.
She did as directed and oh my God. My innocent d--k started nodding to the music. What should I do? Oh God save your servant.
Agi: Don’t you think they might be feeling shy? Let switch off the light and leave them alone.
Zogaroo: yeah. But where are Zygote and Adonko too?
Agi: They are waiting for the security man at the bamboo tree to bring the others.
Zogaroo: oh ok.
Kingso: Jake jump on your bed.
Me: *I did not want to stand up because my d--k was too stiff by then which will surely shoot up and the light too was not yet off.*
Kingso: I hope you heard me.
Me: I turned to see Benita smelling at me and I did not know the reason, just then she moved straight to the switch and put off the light and then ask me to go to my bed and I did without delay.
She switched on the light again afterwards and Kingso asked Shantel to join me on the bed of which she did without delay. She quickly removed her uniform and lied beside me.
I wanted to remove my uniform too but that will make the situation more dangerous since she can get contact with my body easily which she will drove me crazy with her smooth skin but I have vowed to never touch her.
By two minutes time the rest and the other girls joined us in the dormitory and they finally switched off the light and started romancing and f-----g any how and this their moans and so on gingered Shantel and she became more hungry for sex.
Shantel jumped on me and began to fondle me like her pillow and I wanted to push her aside and remembered the warning from the seniors that if I don’t know and play stupid , they will kill me that night.
Shantel became more crazy after she heard the sound of f-----g and moaning.
She grabbed my stiff d--k inside my trousers and began to go to and fro and it became more stiff.
She tried opening my zip and I refused, she stopped and started kissing me all over again then in no time she removed her vest leaving her firm protruding boobs and began robbing them against my body and I confessed in my heart that finally I can’t protect my virginity anymore, I have to give it to her because the situation was beyond control. I responded to her kiss finally and this made her realized I have given in so she opened my zib and put her hand inside my boxers and oh my God my fellow readers I have no words to describe how I was feeling here.
I became crazy to her romance and grabbed her heavy buttocks and it was shaking in my hands, I drew her closer and gave her a deep kiss and she was breathing very fast this time.
I slight my hand to her p---y and when I touched the area of her p---y I realized Shantel was totally wet and I started robbing her p---y gently and Shantel could not control herself and started moaning loudly and even to the extent of screaming aaah, mmm, awww, Jake! then someone switched on the light.
I quickly pushed Shantel aside and turned to see Benita standing there with a frowned face.
Benita: Why all this stupid noise? *referring to Shantel with a frowned face*
Agi: So Benita what at all is your problem?
Tracy: Is it the first time you are hearing this noise? Hypocrisy at the highest level. I think there is something behind this your strange behavior this evening.
Benita: You must be very careful with the stupid words you are using on me ok,what kind of nonsense is this?
Zygote: Hey! girls stop all this ok. The more you argue here the more danger you are creating for yourselves.
Adonko: Is ok, Beni please just switch off the light and go to your bed.
Benita switched off the light but by this time my d--k has calmed down already and Shantel started her thing afresh trying hard to bring it back to life and I reused to give her the chance after remembering Miss Nana Konadu preaching” Don’t follow them to hell because they have booked their seat in hell already ” so I asked myself. “So am I part of those who have booked their seat in the hell? ”
No am not ready to go to hell, I will not do it , am different, I was created for a purpose as Madam said.
I will never do it because they are doing it, this is just a test for my promotion in life and I must pass this test.
I had all these thoughts and Shantel too was busily trying to wake my feelings but my mind was not there again.
I continued with all these thought and before I realize Shantel was snoring after failing to arose me.I turned to look at her and thanked God for coming into my rescue.
I slept off after a few minutes and woke up and realise there is no girl in the den not even Shantel. We prepared for school.


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