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in dormitory girls boys the 16 episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory**==========* *episode 16* *=========*
(4.3k )
Tracy: Jake remember I made a promise to you last time that I will give you my school daughter.
Me: *Frowned face, where is she leading to?*
Tracy: Jake am talking to you.
Me: Please I can’t remember and by the way is there anything you want to tell me? If I may ask.
Tracy: Yes!, how do you see this girl? *Pointing to the new girl in the den*
Me: She is normal. *The truth of the matter is the girl in question was very beautiful,not all men can close their eyes to her, she is a beautiful damsel and a sex idol, I mean she is that type of girls when you set your eyes on you have the thought of having sex* But I decided to close my eyes to her because I can’t put Sandra in competition with any lady.
Tracy: Jake just be sincere, don’t tell me you don’t have any feelings for Shantel.
Me: *Oh she also has a nice name* inside me.
Tracy: Shantel, How do you see Jake?
Shantel: *Smiled shyfully*, he is a nice guy.
Tracy: Do you have any feelings for him?
Shantel: The problem is with him, as for me I think I like him.
All this while, the seniors were lying on their beds as if they don’t know there is anything going on.
Tracy: Jake, don’t be too difficult, am just trying to help you, do you think she is a cheap girl? , she is the daughter of minister of foreign affairs and I suffered before she understood to follow me here. I did all I could but she refused to understand until I showed you to her in school without your knowledge .
Me: *Silent to their nonsense*
Then Kingso stood up and said ;
Kingso: Jake, am not going to entertain your nonsense here anymore. Whom do you think you are? Can you be an angel? Am giving you small time to agree to this or you will regret getting admission to this school.
Zogaroo: You know why we want you to start f-----g? Is just a plan to stop you from revealing whatever is going on here to anyone. When you f--k, it now becomes our secret but when you refuse it seems we owe you a secret. So is just simple.
Just after Zogaroo comment I remembered the preaching of Miss Nana Konadu in the previous day and I said it in my mind ” I will not follow you to hell no matter what”
Kingso: If you don’t agree, you will not sleep here tonight.
Tracy: He must sleep here because when he Is been questioned by any smart person on why he is out from here, he will be tempted to reveal the secret.
Zogaroo: Yes. Now Shantel, this is your bed and this is your boyfriend from today, no one has any competition with you.
Shantel: *Smiled and nodded to him*
I bowed down my head after the crazy seniors came into the matter and remained silent until I heard a knock on the door.
They responded and Benita, Agi and Abortion entered.
Kingso: But where are the others? I mean Bells and Jezy.
Agi: The security man is still trying find his way out to bring them in.
Zogaroo: But where were they when he came for you?
They were in the other dormitory and we could not call them.
Me: *So there is a security man behind all this?, oh nice to hear that* inside myself.
Benita: But what is Shantel doing here? *with a worried look*
Tracy: I brought her for Jake but he is proving difficult.
Benita: No, Tracy is too early for this.
Abortion: Beni you are not getting it. The two of them knows whatever goes on here so I believe f-----g themselves will help shutting them than a mere threat.
Agi: That is very smart of you.
Kingso whether you like it or not you are going to sleep with her today.
Benita: No!
Tracy: Why Benita? Are you already in love with him?
Benita: What kind of nonsense are you asking me?
Agi: Then why?
Kingso: Shantel go and sit on his lapse.
Shantel: *ignored her command at first*
Tracy: Did you hear that!!? Don’t let me make you smell pepper here. You are to do whatever we ask you to do.
Shantel: *Stood up unwillingly and came and stood by me.*
Me: *I refused to stretch my legs to give her a space to sit on*
Then Abortion became angry and removed a pallet from under a bed and hit it hard on my leg and I screamed then stretched it.
They then commanded Shantel to sit on my lapse and romance with me and she shamefully sat on my lapse.
Me: *wow, what a smooth soft buttocks* inside myself but refused to admit it physically.
Tracy: Kiss him.
Shantel gave me a kiss and I refused to respond.
Tracy: Continue kissing him and rob your boobs against him.
She did as directed and oh my God. My innocent d--k started nodding to the music. What should I do? Oh God save your servant.


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