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in dormitory girls boys the 13 episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory* *==========* *episode 13* *=========*
(4.3k )
She pulled more closer, opened her mouth to suck my d--k then we heard a knock on the door.
Benita then jumped down fast dressed up and quickly pretended as if she was sleeping. She opened the door and it was her fellow counterpart Jezy.
Benita: Hey, Jezy where are the others and how did you get your way here without the support of any guy?
Jezy: They are coming, they are still messing themselves up in the night club, they will come sooner or later and I just followed the same root we use to get in here.
Benita: oh ok.
Jezy: Are you alone here?
Benita: No, with that pastor.
Jezy: And you are not satisfying him? Come on Beni lets give it to him.
All this while, I pretended as if am sleeping and Jesica jumped onto my bed and asked me to wake up and I refused to wake up , i still closed my eyes as if the sleep has overtaking me.
She continued to pressure me and before I knew it Benita joined her and they continued to disturb me.
I did not want to open my eyes again because my d--k has calmed down and I did not want to see things that will provoke it to commit sin am not ready for.
The pressure became unbecoming and I got angry and decided to act furiously against them.
I opened my eyes and oh my God (OmG) Jezy too is left with only panties and come and see skin, what a smooth skin with amazing boobs dancing to me. I melted instantly and could not even open my mouth again after the first shout and my ankles started shaking kpa_kpa_kpa_kpa and my d--k started growing inside my boxers again.
Jezy smiled and said I know you arr only joking, no man can deny this, we only want you to be a man enough and satisfy us and that is all.
Then I remembered the promise I made to Sandra and became provoked.
Me: Hey! You girls, listen to me, I said I want do it! Ok, are you witches? You better leave me alone now or everyone will hear of us now. *Angry mood*
They jumped down and begun to plead with me.
Jezy: Is ok, Jake, we are only joking ok.
Benita: Is ok but to me is not yet over.
I returned to my bed and even could not pray before sleeping because of how angry I was.
I pulled the cloth over myself and thought of the meaning of the temptations in which am in until sleep took over.
The next day was Sunday and I woke up at exactly 4:50 am and realize the crazy seniors and all their girlfriend’s have returned from their night club without switching on the light because of how they were all snoring. I went out to Richard and we decided to go to the dining hall to iron our clothes, we got there and there was a lot of girls with a few boys and we have to queue to get a socket and from the look of things nothing showed that we are going to iron our clothes soon.
I got fed up and asked Richard that we should go back to the dormitory and he encouraged me to be patient.
Within five minutes time Sandra entered the dining hall with a large extension board, she spotted us and came straight to us and greeted us.
Sandra: Goodmorning to you all.
We: Fine morning
Richard: How was your night. Sandra?
Sandra: By His grace. I guess you are here to iron.
Me: Yes o.
Sandra: Ok where should I fix it?
Me: Anywhere.
Sandra fixed the extension board and asked us to connect our iron and we did and finished ironing after 30 minutes time.
We got back to the dormitory, I went inside to hang my clothes and there was no girl in the lions den and I was wondering how and where exactly they pass to get inside the dormitory and go back so easily without been caught by any of the security men.
So i vowed inside myself that I will find out their root and alert the house master to stop them from coming inside .
Finally we were all set for Sunday service and I turned around and could see everyone in the Lions Den and I asked myself in my mind” so this guys have been listening to the word of God and yet have chosen the way of the devil?”
After the chaplain asked us to pray and give thanks to God for His protection throughout the week, he called the praises and worship team to come and lead us to give praise and worship God and I had the shock of my life when they came out and Benita was the leader of the praises and worship team with Sweetbells and Agi In the praises and worship team.


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