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in dormitory girls boys the 12 episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory* *==========* *episode 12* *=========*
(7k )
I knocked the door of the lions den and a female voice asked me to come in, I went in and it was only Benita in the den with only a white towel worn to her chest level, I greeted her and she responded fine sweetheart, out of shock I turned to look at her and was asking myself when did I become your sweetheart?
By the way, I by passed her and jumped on my bed to remove my uniform after dropping my bag.
Benita pretended as if she was busy with her phone and shocked me when I did not realise when she got onto my bed after I have removed my trousers and it was left with my boxers.
Benita smiled at me, stood up to face me and said she only need a kiss from me for now.
I remembered Sandra’s dream instantly and vowed to never kiss her in my heart and to my surprise Benita removed the towel she was wearing leaving her with only a pant.
Her well curved boobs was dancing to me and I could not close my eyes.
To be frank with you, Benita was fantastically beautiful and don’t deserve that stupid senior Zygote.
I just starred at her. She drew more closer to me and said.
Benita: I know you first saw my nakedness and am not worried about that, all I need in return is also your nakedness and nothing else.
Benita started rubbing her smooth boobs on my naked body and my innocent d--k started dancing to the music Benita was playing.
I was totally lost and confuse. Benita grabbed my d--k and said;
Benita: wow how hard it is. You are handsome Jake, I will leave Zygote for you. Please just let me see the woman In me. I can’t sleep since the day I first set my eyes on you. Can you imagine when Zygote was making love to me yesterday, I needed to take him as you before I could release?
Me: *Stammering* please, please they might becoming by now.
Benita: Forget them, they have broken bounce to town, I was to go with them but I intentionally stayed behind because of you. They will only come back by an hour time and please come down and let use the down bed for the top beds normally makes a lot of noise.
Me: Please, I can’t do this, you see I have promised God to stay a virgin until I get married and I don’t want to break my promise.
Benita: Jake, but look at how hard your d--k has become? How can you sleep with this pressure if I don’t make you release.
*still holding my d--k and rubbing it to and fro* and my d--k this time was supper fantastically hard.
Me: Please just make it next time because am not ready for it now.
Benita became fed up with me and pulled me to zero gab between me and her body and gave me a very deep long kiss and I started comparing her kiss to that of Sandra. I finally pushed her back a little when I wanted to take a breath.
Benita: Please Jake, feel free to touch my boobs, they are all yours, just rub and squiz them as you want.
I became more confuse.
Benita: Will you give it to me or you want me to shout that you want to rape me?
Me: I want you to shout because you will be asked what at all you want inside the boys dormitory.
Benita : wow, thank you you very much, you are also intelligent. I Will marry you but I will lie against you when your seniors returns that you attempted rapping me and you guess the consequences so just give me a hard f--k with your hard d--k.
I became silent and did not know what to do by now.
Me: No I want do it
Benita pulled down my boxers and knelt down and screamed In a low tone.
Benita: wow, zygote might be bigger done you in size but for d--k he shouldn’t go there. I like this kind of dicks Jake, please just give it to me now and let me be free.
She pulled more closer, opened her mouth to suck my d--k then we heard a knock on the door.


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