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in dormitory girls boys 11 the episode

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*girls In The Boys Dormitory*==========* *episode 11* *=========*
(2.8k )
We were locked up in the kiss until I heard a shout
My heart jumped and I turned back quickly only to see Richard smiling at us.
Richard: Am sorry for destructing you but I have to do it because the dining hall prefects seem to becoming around here.
Me: Thank you very much.
Richard: Oh no worries but you guys have to be very careful.
Me: ok
All this while Sandra was very quiet and i turned to look at her and you need not to be told how she felt ashamed and the regret in her face.
My heart was still beating and I did not no why, is it because of my first time of kissing? or because Richard came to the scene?
I just had a mix feelings all together.
When we reached where we were standing, Sandra excused us and Richard started his interview ;
Richard: Man, tell me it seem you got her so easily.
Me: *I narrated everything to him*
Richard: But why did she had so much believe in a common dream like that?
Me: I was even surprise but what made me to go for the kiss is, it seem the dream I had last night and that witch Benita and her crew in our dormitory tried raping me was almost the same.
Richard: What?, did I hear you clear? You mean there are girls in your dormitory? *eyes wide open*
Is there I realized I have just slipped my tongue. I wanted to divert it but he was too smart to be influenced with a lie so I just kept quiet and he continued to ask a lot of questions demanding instant answers.
Richard: Jake, talk, I heard it all, tell me what is going on in your dormitory? *raised voice this time*
So in other to stop him from letting those around us to hear our conversation, I calmed him down with a promise to tell him everything after dining and he understood.
The dining bell finally rang and we all went inside the dining hall.
The dining hall master came in to make some announcements and after that the dining hall perfect took over.
The dining hall was too large so in other for everybody to hear any announcement in the dining hall they have connected megaphone at various ends. The dining hall prefect whom his colleagues call him Bullet asked one of the form one boys to come for the Mic. and bless the food for us, he stood up and went for the Mic.
Form one boy: God bless the farmer, the cooker and the eater amen.
And everyone burst into laughter instead of saying amen.
The food was served and the dining hall master came back to announce that we the form one students both boys and girls will be having our preps in the dining hall for the main time as they are making some arrangement for us, so immediately after dining we should all help the bantery boys to pack the sauspans and tidy up the place.
We did as was directed and me and Richard located a table at a corner where I can tell him everything without the hearing of anyone .
Before I even start, Sandra came .
Sandra : I want to share table with you guys, hope you don’t mind. *smiling*
We were silent for sometime because it seem she has spoilt our plans.
Me: Oh no pproblem sharing a table with my sweetheart.
Sandra: Ok, thanks by the way.
Richard: But Jake, if you truly love Sandra, then you don’t have to hide anything from her so am even happy she is here.
Sandra: Hope there is no problem? Jake tell me, what secret is your friend talking about?
Sandra was even too curious than Richard so I decided to let the cat out of the bag.
Me: *cleared my throat* , Before I tell you guys anything I want you to make a firm promise, in fact I wish you make an oath but because we are all Christians, I see it as unpleasant so just make a firm promise to me that you will not let anyone hear what am about to tell you apart from the three of us.
Sandra: *In a hurry* I promise.
Richard : I promise.
Me: ok, before I go to the main issue let me first read the rules of the Lions Den to you.
Sandra: What is the lions den?
Me: My dorm, the room in which am in.
Sandra: oh ok, continue.
Me: Firstly, am not suppose to tell anyone whatever happens in the dormitory,
Secondly: I should respect all their girlfriends whether outside or whenever they come into the dorm.
Sandra: You mean they bring girls into the dorm?
Me: yeah.
Richard: Sandra just let him finish.
Thirdly, Fridays are f-----g days and sometimes Saturdays too.
Fourth, Am to knock everytime I want to enter.
Fifth, I will not move from the dormitory till I finish school since I now know their secret.
I read all the rules and we discussed whatever remaining secrete including the dream and I could see how they felt uncomfortable especially Sandra with my stay in the room.
They promised to help me but Sandra also led me made a promise to her that I will not give in to any of the girls in which I did.
About twenty minutes time preps was over and we went to our various dormitories.
I knocked on the door of the Lions Den and a female voice asked me to come in, I went in and guess what I put myself into.


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