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Game Changer
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[Image: _c9c0468c73e2f7c619d4b56b6b1497b7.jpeg]
epub | 370.26 KB | English | Isbn:978-1-941149-89-8 | Author: Lori Ryan | Year: 2018


Quote:Shortstop Rafe Wilson has his routines down to a science. How he ties his shoes, what shirt to wear under his jersey, which foot touches the field first, and how to enter the batter's box. It works for him. The proof is in his stats. No question; the routine works. Until it doesn't. When Rafe is left scrambling to figure out what went wrong, he quickly finds the newest addition to his pregame routine. A kiss. And, not just any kiss. Ashlyn Daniels' kiss to be exact. But, can he convince Ashlyn to be part of his arsenal of "superstitions" that keep his game going? Or will the pregame kiss trigger an even worse superstition? 
The Triple Play Curse 
Every member of the Strikers, San Francisco's professional baseball team, knows about the Triple Play Curse. When one Striker falls in love and gets either married or engaged during the season, two more will fall for a total of three. And, whenever the curse is in play, the team suffers for it....

Category:Children's Football Books, Children's Disease Books, Children's Books on Peer Pressure



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