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harnessing foundations restorative health heat power movement of the breath

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Foundations Of Health - Harnessing The Restorative Power Of Movement, Heat, Breath...
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[Image: 657968753da95ec6767d7624ccfc95b7.png]
epub | 23.77 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 006299607X | Author: Eric Goodman | Year: 2022


Quote:The Founder of the proven Foundation Training program takes his teaching to the next phase, offering detailed understanding of our capacity to heal using the body's built in systems, introducing a perpetual inner core of wellness and adaptability.

Dr. Eric Goodman's innovative approach to self-healing-Foundation Training-has helped celebrities, athletes, first responders, and regular folks around the world feel and look better, and kept them active and fit. The core of Foundation Training is a unique form of biomechanics-a series of postures, poses, and movements designed to teach the body's individual muscles to act within strong, flexible chains of muscles, shifting the burden of support away from sensitive joints.
Foundations of Health builds on this core program, going deep into the principles and practices to help us understand how to maintain a healthy body even when the mechanics eventually break down. Our bodies are...

Category:Alternative Medicine Healing, Healthy Living, Exercise & Fitness



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