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keepers christine pope finders

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Finders, Keepers - Christine Pope
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[Image: 844e0366f5ded0406a258cbbe614e95f.png]
epub | 790.17 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09S6XB8ZV | Author: Christine Pope | Year: 2022


Quote:It's tough for Penny to put the past to rest when it shows up dead in her living room...
A few weeks ago, I discovered I'm a lodestone - a rare type of witch who attracts the things I need, right when I need them. Pretty handy for finding designer shoes on sale. Romance? Not so much.
Isaac Zamora, the hunky male witch who's crash-coursing me in my newly discovered magic, makes me long for something I haven't wanted since I left my cheating ex. So what if Isaac wants to take things at a glacial pace? He's worth waiting for.
When I pick up an old compass with a wildly confused needle, I don't question the tingle that zings up my arm. I take it straight to Isaac. The compass doesn't give up its secrets easily, but it does point the way toward a mystery doubled-edged with danger.
Because right about the time the compass appears in my life, so does my ex. Are you smelling a rat? So am I. Especially when he's smelling up my living...

Category:Psychic Romance, Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance, Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance



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