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Even If It Hurts A Toxic Roman - Sam Mariano
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[Image: 25c9343ad66ce3654ad7d5bdf3253bdf.png]
epub | 331.21 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7XNJCZK | Author: Sam Mariano | Year: 2022


Quote:A psychopath and his prey.
A dangerous, toxic, and utterly destructive love story...

He could have been my hero.
He saved my life that night, a beautiful dark angel slicing through my fear and the water, dragging me from its deadly clutches.
He should have been my hero.
I thought maybe he was.

Villains aren't supposed to win, and good should always conquer evil, but in the elite coastal town I live in, the only purpose a label has is letting you know what something- or someone -costs. Good, bad; it's all relative, and it hardly matters. Baymont, California, is a land of beautiful villains and happy-ever-afters that are just out of reach.

Especially for me.

Until Dare moves the world beneath my feet, and even though I'm afraid to trust it-to trust him -boy, am I tempted.
In more ways than one.
Being with Dare is scary, but being without him is impossible.
He makes it impossible.

Dare's no hero, that much is clear, but maybe.
Maybe he's mine.

This story contains triggers and is intended only for a mature, adult audience. See the opening author's note for more explicit warnings, but know this is a very dangerous relationship with a very dark hero.

Category:Psychological Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Romantic Suspense



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