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embers paranormal blackbird dark romance quinn

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Embers Dark Paranormal Romance - Quinn Blackbird
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[Image: _704a5ca502b6c4723aa107472f709b67.jpeg]
epub | 139.93 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09SXGKJ78 | Author: Quinn Blackbird | Year: 2022


Quote:Dark Paranormal (Captive) Romance.
For the full collection of the novellas, check out the box set.

They live to destroy us;
The witches they are built to kill.
But when my sisters died at the hands of hunters,
and only one witchhunter and I were left standing...
He took me captive.


Stolen away to the General, the hunters' plan for me is revealed.
To them it's not yet my time to die. To me, I would rather die before they can use me to end all witches in existence.
But I have more tricks up my sleeve.

Chained and shackled, I'm taken on a long, treacherous journey into the wilderness and the cold of the rugged mountains. Out here, Henrik and I need each other to survive - and survival is a core part of our own separate plans.
We're stuck out here in lands of beasts, turning us from enemies co-survivors.

Never thought I'd need a hunter in my life, even if only for a short time.
And I sure as hell didn't think I'd come to hate him just a teeny bit less.

This journey could end me, but that doesn't matter. It could end all of my people.
It's my destiny to stop this future from coming to be.
Problem with destiny is when a hunter gets in the way and starts to make me ... feel things I don't understand.

Embers is *episode* 3 in the WITCHHUNTER series. There will be four episodes total.
Episode releases are designed for KU readers. For *PURCHASE* readers, please see the box set collection , better suited in price, and has all four episodes in one. This will be released at the end of May with the first two episodes, then will be automatically updated with each episode release afterwards.

Witchhunter series will be complete at the end of July2022.

Please be aware that the Blackbird worlds and characters are *dark*.

Category:Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy



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