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east dale martina

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East - Martina Dale
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[Image: _c1b77b0a9bf2f3c48757315829c55bd2.jpeg]
epub | 1.05 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B1DY3HGF | Author: Martina Dale | Year: 2022


Quote:Book 3 of The Moral Compass Series.
This is a standalone but reading West and North - Book 1 & 2 is advisable to have the full back story of the McGarry family.

East McGarry - I am the baby of the McGarry family, and don't I know it. I have three older brothers who work alongside me in the family business. My brothers are amazing but, oh, my God, are they overprotective or what?
All my life, I've been kept in the background, never being able to be on the front line with them.

They always seem to find a reason that I need to stay behind. I never used to mind until recently. I'm twenty-six, and because of them, I'm still somewhat naive in the relationship department. Some days, I feel invisible. But oh hell. If I get a boyfriend or become interested in someone, then they are all in, wanting to know absolutely everything, and before I can say the word condom, the guy has disappeared in to thin air.

Well, this time I'm saying "nowt," as my dad would say. I'm not letting them run my life for another day. If I get lucky, I might find a guy who isn't petrified of my giant brothers.

Zed O'Brien - I work alongside West and North in The Stargazers Syndicate. We rescue people from sinister situations and fight the human trafficking gangs around the world. In West and North, I have the greatest friends a guy could ask for. I also have a nightmare of a brother. He's caused me no end of issues, and now he's giving me an even bigger headache. He's getting death threats and needs me to make them stop.

As I board the plane bound for Vegas my mind wanders to my best friends' sister, East McGarry. I've only ever set eyes on her once, but I can't seem to get her off my mind.

Even thinking about her is morally wrong. West would have my guts before I could blink. Mix that with him being my best friend and, yeah, you got it. I. Am. Not. Going. There. No matter how much those blue eyes torment me.
If luck is on my side, our paths will never cross again, and I won't have to worry about my friendships or my life.

Will luck be on their side?

This book may contain triggers for some readers. It has scenes of a sexual nature, explicit language, and also contains scenes of abduction and people trafficking. If either of these scenes may cause you distress or offend you this book may not be for you. Strictly 18+

Category:Mystery Romance, Private Investigator Mysteries, Private Investigator Mysteries



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