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mika dirty lane dripping wet filthy summ

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Dripping Wet Filthy Dirty Summ - Mika Lane
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[Image: _91ecfe7e39571d49da95f6dec46f43f7.jpeg]
epub | 428.39 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B088Q2GHVR | Author: Mika Lane | Year: 2022


Quote: Ravaged At the Party!

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How did I get here. alone in the dark basement with three hot strangers and no clothes. not even a bra. or panties?

Well, I could say it all started with a party invitation, but I have a feeling it started before then. It didn't get underway, though, until I arrived at my best friend's house that evening.

The night promised to be unforgettable...

The party was going full blast. People laughing and talking - and drinking. Some of them mingling. Lots of flirting. Music pulsating, beat pounding, bodies moving - gyrating!

All this in my best friend, Mia's backyard, around her pool. Hmmm, I wondered if someone would end up in the pool before the night was over. Usually someone did. After a few drinks, someone would be unsteady, lose their footing and topple in. or someone would give them a little push. Either way, they'd be splashing about in the pool, fully clothed and treading water. Someone would offer a hand to pull the water-logged 'victim' from the water and end up either falling in or being pulled in. Soon others would join in, either of their free will or after being given a little push, all fully dressed and splashing about, laughing, shouting and sometimes making out. or more. I couldn't imagine drinking so much that I made a fool of myself.

And in front of everyone in a swimming pool with a stranger. or maybe even several. strangers.

I sighed. It was still early, so we'd see if the pool got any use before the night was over. but the party was in full swing...

And anything could happen.

Especially when a young woman attended one of Mia's infamous parties all alone...

(end of excerpt)

Dripping With Delicious Suspense!

Includes: Intimate explicit situations, Backdoor, Threesome, and More!

Category:Poetic Erotica, Historical Erotica, Historical Erotica



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