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a michelle desperately ziegler d dragon seeking

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Desperately Seeking Dragon A D - Michelle Ziegler
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[Image: _9b4ecdd46a041c80ff125ad8c9d53a40.jpeg]
epub | 333.42 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B53Y98NB | Author: Michelle Ziegler | Year: 2022


Quote:Cy was almost out of hope until they found her. Moyrai was almost dead until she found them.

She's lived on the run for longer than she knew a home, all because she was unlucky enough to have a demon for a father. Like a real demon.

The only thing keeping her from losing herself are the visions.

She has to find the yellow dragon and she isn't sure why. Yet.

Maybe he can help her stop her father. Maybe he can't. At least she wouldn't feel so alone anymore.

This is the final book in the Space Dragons Seek Mates series!

Category:Fantasy Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Werewolf & Shifter Romance



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