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a j desecrated saints rever dark rose

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Desecrated Saints A Dark Rever - J Rose
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[Image: 804e29431a73fd86edc3e09e047fe3be.png]
epub | 580.96 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09QMG587H | Author: J Rose | Year: 2022




Sinner. Saint. Lost. Found.

I never intended to leave Blackwood Institute alive. Instead, I found a whole new family. A reason to live. Hope. Belonging. Acceptance. Love.

We barely made it out with our lives.

Now, the real fight to survive begins.

In a world of false allegiances, corruption and violence, Incendia Corporation wants to silence our voices. We survived the sickness at the heart of their twisted medical marvel. Our truth is all we have left, but the world doesn't want to hear it.

We're just six unhinged criminals, on the run.

When tragedy strikes at the heart of our family, we must forge new alliances and brave the cruelty of an indifferent world. Enemies are gathering to watch our destruction, but the greatest threat still lies within.

There's a vicious monster buried inside of me, battling for control. Patient Eight kept me alive in the dark, but Brooklyn West wants a future. The two cannot co-exist without imploding. Forging a new path will cost me everything - including the people I love.

In death and blood, we will find our happy ending.

The game is almost over.

Check mate, motherf*ckers.

Author's Note: Desecrated Saints is book three in the Blackwood Institute trilogy. They must be read in order. Full trigger warning is available inside the book.

Category:Contemporary Urban Fiction, Gothic Romance, Women's Psychological Fiction



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