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therapists 2013 physical diagnosis davenport for t approach

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Davenport T Diagnosis For Physical Therapists Approach 2013
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[Image: df8453da2abfcc7a2b026eb43e53f977.png]
pdf | 34.41 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0803615281 | Author: Todd E Davenport PT DPT OCS | Year: 2012


Quote:[*] Demonstrates how to organize the history and examination interview , and to interpret the findings using a 'process' that helps to determine what is the most likely type and source of the pathology .

[*] Organizes the content by the presenting primary symptom.

[*] Uses outlines, lists, and tables within each symptom chapter to make reference easy.

[*] Follows a standard format throughout each symptom chapter that includes.

[*] A brief description of the symptom and its variation s.

[*] Red flags indicating the need for special concern

[*] Tables of possible conditions , organized by how common or rare they are.

[*] Identifies conditions that might require emergency or urgent attention .

[*] Describes the differential diagnosis of each symptom, with careful attention to the findings in the history and examination.

[*] Discusses each of the conditions listed in the table of possible diagnoses, focusing on the key findings that would rule a condition more or less likely .

[*] Lists tests that might be needed to reach a definitive differential diagnosis.

[*] Facilitates decision making regarding whether physical therapy is.not indicated, indicated after referral or consultation with another healthcare practitioner, or appropriate without additional referral or consultation.

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