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an sue mafia secret m brown dark roman

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Dark Secret An M M Mafia Roman - Sue Brown
(78 )
[Image: ff4792b1e7e3f49cd3b32d11b22a4a3e.png]
epub | 294.57 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08MH5ZNZ6 | Author: Sue Brown | Year: 2020


Quote:Serve the Family at all costs. That's my purpose in life.
No one asked me if I wanted it.
Now there's no way out.
And there's definitely no place for Jake, a do-gooder military vet who sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong.

He thinks he saw darkness in the Army? He hasn't looked at the depths inside me.
He'd run screaming if he knew.
But he's made something in our crumbling neighborhood I thought couldn't exist.
Something I want to be a part of.
Just like I want him. But I have to walk away.
No one betrays the Family and lives.

Knight in the Shadows is a full length m/m mafia romance featuring a wounded army vet trying to make the best of his neighborhood and the mafia enforcer with a dark past who never expected to fall in love!

Category:Gay & Lesbian, Gay Fiction, Gay Romance



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