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a mafia cruel bianca bully dark cole acade

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Cruel Bully A Dark Mafia Acade - Bianca Cole
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[Image: 384ee37e615b8e81d5fc2076caa2b2e3.png]
epub | 655.44 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08YQR6DD1 | Author: Bianca Cole | Year: 2020


Quote:I was born with a curse that spun a violent storm around me, seizing every beautiful and fragile thing that flittered into my life, tearing it all from my grasp as effortlessly as the wings of a butterfly are torn from its body.

Or so I thought, anyway.
It all changed when they came for me, when they dragged me to trial for my crimes. I should have faced execution, but fate is a fickle and funny thing, taunting me with the knowledge that I was always destined to be so much more.
They know it: the five great masters who took control of my life, and now fight for control over my soul.
He knows it, as well. The golden-eyed warrior whose fate is tied horribly and inexplicably with mine.
From the great cliffs to the wide, violent ocean, they shadow my steps. From the perfumed halls to the quiet, dusty rooms, they push my every limit in cruel and unrelenting ways.
Because we all know. There is something evil taking root deep beneath the earth, a horror growing behind every shadow, a disease clawing into our midst, the end of the world as we know it drawing close enough to spot on the horizon. The darkness is coming.
And I might be the only one who can stop it.

This epic, apocalyptic fantasy is dark, lush and gritty. The heroin has multiple, slow-burn love interests, who all begin as true enemies , so you don't have to choose your favourite anti-hero. This series has some intense and dark themes, and the heroes begin as utterly irredeemable, alpha a-holes, so consider yourselves warned!

The first book in this series contains a trigger warning.

Category:Fantasy Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Paranormal Romance



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