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mafia explanations game basic

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Mafia Game: Basic Explanations
(14.8k )
Ok, so the next forum game is the mafia game, a game of deception, the war game.

In a mafia games there are few requirements and i want to list them below.

1. Atleast 10 players- To run a successful mafia game we need atleast 10 active players who can spend atleast 1hour/day in the day phase.

2. 3 forums- One mafia game is run in 3 different forums.
- Forum 1 = Main discussion forum
- Forum 2 = Mafia/bad guys forum
- Forum 3 = Dead/ghost forum
We will use Wapforum as our main discussion forum.
We need 2 more forums that support a private thread for members.

The Game
Even if you don't understand anything about this game make sure you read this very well. I'll use pidgin so that everybody will understand.

If you dont understand pidgin go and read the introduction thread below this one in the related thread.

This game na 2 team game. The 2 teams go dey fight each other, one team na Town. The town na good people wey get town.

The other team na mafia, the mafia go like to take over the town so them go dey kill town people for night. Them know who be town but town no know who be mafia.

Some players go get special power wey them go use find out who be mafia. If them no use their power well them fit loss.

If you want use your power you go send me message for how you want use am.

Before the game start i go send every player message about their team and the power wey them get. But no sey some players no go get power but na them dey help their team win the game.

If you be town and you come see player wey you think sey im be mafia you go vote am make them kill am. The player wey get plenty vote pass go die.

I hope sey you dom understand small.

Players requirement the game have 2 teams: Town(Townies) and Mafia(Mafioso)

*Weather you are mafia or town on an independent player you must discuss in the discussion thread during the day phase.

*You must vote for atleast 1player during the day phase.

*You must not send any player a private message about the game.

*Only mafia members can discuss in there evil thread.

*Its up to you to use your power role or not.

*You must not quote any message the game moderator send to you to the discussion thread.

*You can lie and hide your game identity to save your power role.

*When you die from the game, you can no longer take part in the discussion and mafia thread.

*For Town Players only: Don't trust any player in the game unless you have a valid reason to do so. Know that mafias would lie and claim that they are town, if you believe them they might kill you or use you to hurt your team.

@flexible add to front page pls.

@Profolaafe@kissboy @Rayne

And others who are interested, sorry if i didn't mention your name.

am in

Am in

this will be a tough and tougher war

When will you tell us our power and the category we be.

(17-04-2018, 10:04 AM)flexible Wrote: this will be a tough and tougher war

When will you tell us our power and the category we be.

After we have atleast 10 players.


Nice one bro.

Sorry i wont be able to partake in this game...

Maybe later or the next game.


me too can`t @cyberlord that card you want to give me send it to @Dynamo please

(17-04-2018, 11:41 AM)olamideoladesino Wrote:
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that card you want to give me send it to @Dynamo please

@cyberlord abeg no send any card to me o.

Give the owner his card o.

why???????? now @Dynamo no vex i no get phone again that why PLease for GOD sake collect it


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