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Topic Cover Photo Function On Your Wapka Forum
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Hello guys!!! How are you?? After a long time, i'm sharing you an advanced function for wapka forum.

"Topic Cover Photo function for Wapka forum"


"Topic Cover Photo" system is totally new in wapka, but not on web. Many well known site use this system to enrich their respective site's design. So, this function will make any wapka site more advanced and well designed.


It is destributed free under the copyright of "HumanBD.GQ".

Installation Guide

First, go to

Edit site > Wap2 > Global settings for forum/chat > Own style for Messages in forum

and paste this in 1st box of Message in Forum
<span style="display:none">
<div class="cdt"><date><a> › </a> ::tuser:: › ::date::</date></div><div name="dpro" id="dpro">::msg::</div></span>

Replace ::THEME_NAME:: with the following code in Message in forum - box 3.
<div id="showtimg"></div>
<div id="timgn">
<h1 name="themename">::THEME_NAME::</h1></div>

Now go to your forum bottom autocontent and add this code. Remove all '¿' from the code.
<script language="javascript">
var msg=document.getElementsByName("dpro");
for(var i=0;i<msg.length;i++){
var txt=document.getElementsByName("dpro")[i].innerHTML;
txt=txt.replace(/[¿timg=htt(.+?)]/ig,'<input type="hidden" value="htt$1" name="ct¿img" />');

<script language="JavaScript">
var blgtext=document.getElementsByName("dpro")[0].innerHTML;
var blglnkk=document.getElementsByName("cti¿mg")[0].value;
var blgname=document.getElementsByName("themename")[0].innerHTML;
if(blgtext.match(/name="c¿timg"/ig)){document.getElementById("showti¿mg").innerHTML='<br/><div id="timgstyle"><span is="social"><span class="st_facebook_small"></span><span class="st_twitter_small"></span></span><center><img src="'+blglnkk+'" alt="'+document.title+'" height="100%" width="100%"/></center><div id="ttit"><b><div id="b">'+blgname+'</div></b>'+document.getElementsByTagName("date")[0].innerHTML+'</div></div>';


To prettify the styles, add this in your head tag.

#timgstyle{width: 99%; max-height:250px; display: inline-block; position:relative; background-color:#f0f0ff; border: 1px solid #dddddd; margin-bottom: -2px; padding: 0px; overflow: hidden;}

#ttit {width: 95%; position: absolute; bottom: -1px; left: 0px; text-align: left; letter-spacing: -1px; color: 999900; background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6); padding: 10px 8px 10px 8px; }

#ttit #b{color: black; margin-bottom: 8px;} </style>

For More code Visit http://HumanBD.GQ and comments for your help !!!


keep it up

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