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Chess For Beginners - The Ultimate Guide To Chess Basics, Tactics And Openings C...
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[Image: 8719498a490cfdd69eea87e6397d78ff.png]
epub | 1.61 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08TLX4GWB | Author: Townes , Michael | Year: 2021


Quote: Were you instantly hooked by the talented Beth Harmon from "The Queen's Gambit" like the rest of us?

Do you wish to learn how to play Chess but do not know where to start from?

If yes, then keep reading...

Chess has existed for centuries, and during this time, the sharpest minds and greatest chess players have developed theories about the game and openings and shared them with the world. As a result, everyone can now access this valuable knowledge and improve their game by learning centuries' worth of theoretical analysis.

The truth is.. there is never been a better time to learning how to play Chess!

This quarantine made us rediscover and appreciate the time spent at home and the joy of playing board games together with our beloved ones.
A lot of people say "I cannot play chess" , I look at them and I just can strongly disagree.
You learn through failure!

Remind yourself that no one plays perfect games, not even professionals, so we learn from our mistakes. This gives you power, knowing that you can learn from your failures and turn them into successes.
Chess gives you this opportunity every single time you play and this book will give you the first right step to master the game.

Here is just a little preview of what you will be able to learn thanks to this book:
• Discovering the  Chess Basics  to Start Using the Board ✓
• Learning  21 Essential Tactics  Every Beginner Should Know to Build a Powerful Strategy ✓
• Mastering 6 Chess Openings  to Elevate your Game ✓     
• Understanding and Planning your  Middlegame  ✓
• Creating a  DEADLY Endgame  to Prevail over your Opponent ✓
• Making yours  5 Effective Tips  that Can Transform a Rookie into the next Master ✓
• Having access to a ★BONUS CHAPTER★ with 17 Golden Rules ✓
And much  MORE!

Chess for Beginners is the ideal manual for novices like YOU that have just started discovering the world of Chess and want to level their knowledge and strategy.

STOP  being a rookie and  START  taking the right steps to be the next Master! 
Sharpen your skills  NOW  and become a well-informed tactician in chess by educating yourself with this book!

Ready to finally be able to play Chess? Then scroll up, click "Buy Now" and grab your copy today!

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