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brandedshaw hart

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Brandedshaw Hart
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[Image: _39758c6aca9139db7d422b0230418543.jpeg]
epub | 306.32 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09M8NJQYG | Author: Shaw Hart, Cameron Hart | Year: 2022


Quote:Can a bet only have one winner?

You'd think that a college town would have a lot of job opportunities but that's not the case in Sequoia. I've already exhausted all of the businesses in town but no one is hiring.

No one but the Stud Farm.

When I go out the night before my interview with some friends hoping to blow off some steam and celebrate summer break it was just meant to be fun.

Instead, I end the night by slapping Griz Ford.

I didn't know that it was him, I swear. I figured that out the next day when I showed up for my interview at the Stud Farm and found him grinning at me across the kitchen table.

I figure there's no way that I'm getting this job, but he surprises me and we end up making a bet.

30 days.

I work for him, cooking for him and cleaning his house. In that time, he'll try to get me to fall for him. All I have to do to win enough money to cover my costs for the next school year is resist him.

Piece of cake, right?

Category:Single Authors Short Stories, Short Stories, Western Romances



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