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flexible amp biography profile segun ayodele full

Ayodele Segun Flexible [full Biography & Profile]

Segun Flexible Early Life
Ayodele Segun Flexible was born in Lagos, Nigeria on December 26th, into a Polygamous Family.
He is 21yrs Old,
He is the Head of The Well Know Nigeria Webmasters Forum (Wapforum.com.ng).

Segun Flexible had his primary and secondary education in Lagos. At age 18, he became one of Nigeria's Forum Owners.

Segun Flexible Career
While in Secondary school, Segun Flexible created Wapforum.com.ng on 26th Of December 2017.

Haven always been a good internet user, he was undergoing some training in Self web design at the time. When he discovered that most bloggers had no knowledge about web designing, but outsource their design and programming jobs to outsiders and those ones build based on their own understanding, he built a website to address those challenges.

Without a finance power to back him, Segun Flexible first began with a free hosting. In 2017, he bought a domain name, got a server and started paying, and has since grown from a 5, 000 visit monthly to 10, 000 page views monthly.

Ayodele Segun Flexible Personal Life
Flexible Is a man of respect in Bloggers industry.

He is a Front End Web Developer, Blogger, and Computer Operator,

He started his Internet Career right back in 2008, During The Days Of Wapka, Xtgem And Some Wapbuilder Platform.

Segun Flexible is the owner of the popular bloggers/webmasters Forum (wapforum.com.ng)

Segun Flexible Welknow Programing Languages

Segun Flexible Net worth
Not Yet Available

Segun Flexible Awards
1. Best Webmasters Forum Owner | 2017
2. Forum Runners Of The Year | AfricanAwardZone 2017

Segun Flexible Marrital Status
Currently Single

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There's Love In Sharing Big Grin
Cool biography

Hehe , small but mighty boy
flexible likes this post

Ride on, this is just your starting point.
Interesting Bio, you are an elegant webmaster indeed Smile

Your fingers and toes are your little friends, be kind to them. MrCallySmile
Shisha_goza (**just speechless**)

Neva doubt me bcus, i can kill... (*Shits dont suck, you suck*)
great bio u got. d sky is coming for u


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