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Astray In Love Episode 7
I was posted back to Abeokuta, Ogun State. “Your state of origin” Gunner Emmanuel Whisper’s into my ear, i nodded in positive. “How could that be” Emmanuel asked me after we were been dismissed. “I don’t f-----g know” I replied. “We all know that we are fighting insecurity in the country, Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa States are the major states that most of us were posted to, some of them have started crying. Moreover, it has never happened in the history of Nigeria army that a newly passed out soldier was posted back to his own state to go and serve there”. Emmanuel further explained. Me myself wasn’t happy about it because i thought of the fact that i will be a little bit close to my hometown and to where my families resides, i wanted to serve in the eastern or northern part of the country where i will have to meet new people, learn different languages and most of all live an independent life. “Should i go and complaint so that it will be amend.” I thought to myself. While i was thinking about all these things, something brought Ayomide’s thought to mind. “This is an opportunity for me, at least i will be close to her, i will have upper hand to carry out my mission, I will even be able to visit her in Sango anytime i feel like” I thought to myself. It looks as if the thought alone ease my pain, i smile to myself. “I guess it God’s will” I concluded.
We left Kaduna the third day after our passing out, the journey from Kachia Kaduna State to Abeokuta Ogun State was stress free as a long luxurious bus was arranged for only 35 soldiers going to Abeokuta. I engaged myself with games and videos on my phone in order to keep the journey lively. I decided to called Ayomide and informed her about my posting as i have called my mum and my twin brother late that day after our posting has been announced in order to informed them.
Me: Dialing her Number (Ringing)
Ayomide: Hello
Me: Yeah baby girl
Ayomide: How far
Me: Cool here and u
Ayomide: Fine as well
Me: How are your families
Ayomide: They are all fine and what about yours
Me: Glory be to God
Ayomide: Where are you, i can hear the sound of vehicles
Me: Yeah! I just call to inform you that I’m through with my course and i have been posted to my unit.
Ayomide: Waoo! That nice, so how was the course, hope u did not let me down
Me: Laughing! Trust me now
Ayomide: Sure! I trust u. So how did it finish
Me: Glory be to God, Second position!
Ayomide: Waoo! (Shouting) That’s a very good one
Me: Thanks dear
Ayomide: Aren’t you going to celebrate that for me
Me: Laughing! Sure i will…
Ayomide: How many are you guys
Me: We’re just 130
Ayomide: WTF! Second position in a class of 130
Me: Yes
Ayomide: Gabriel you really tried ooo
Me: Thanks dear
Ayomide: U welcome! So where are you posted to
Me: Guess?
Ayomide: Hmmmmm!
Me: *(Silence)*
Ayomide: Don’t tell me is Maiduguri ooo
Me: No
Ayomide: Northeast!
Me: No
Ayomide: Then where now
Me: Hmmmm! (Smiling)
Ayomide: Talk joor
Me: Abeokuta!
Ayomide: Are u kidding me
Me: Am serious
Ayomide: Really
Me: Yes
Ayomide: Waoo! Thank God for you ooo. Your parents will be happy
Me: I did not even like it, i wanted to go to northeast
Ayomide: U are not serious, instead of you to be happy and thank God at the same time, you are here wishing yourself bad luck
Me: Hmmm! Who knows may be you are even the one that pray so that they will bring me close to you
Ayomide: Me! What is my problem with your posting
Me: Laughing! Don’t worry….
Ayomide: Funny you (In an awkward manner)
Me: Am in the vehicle now, on our way to Abeokuta
Ayomide: Alright wish you a safe journey
Me: Thank you! I will chat you later
Ayomide: No problem! Bye…
Me: Bye…
“Yes! At least i have make a move, she should know i am up to something” I said to my self after i hanged up.


@kissboy @chrismaven@flexible

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