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Amazing Fact About Good Friday
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Today is celebrated as Good Friday globally, Suanu's Blog brings you fifteen interesting global facts about this unique day in Christianity.

1. Good Friday commemorates crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His death at Calvary.
2. It is a public holiday in most countries including Nigeria.
3. Dancing from 4a.m to 9pm is prohibited in Germany.
4. In Ireland, it is believed that eggs laid on Good Friday will never rot, hence everlasting.
5. It marked the end of the Lent (a 40 day period of fasting)
6. Good Friday has no valid-evidenced origin.
7. It is given multiple names in different countries.
8. The Christian Scholar, Bede, claimed in his book, De Rations Temporum that Easter was named after "Eostre", a Pagan goddess of the Saxon People in Northern Europe.
9. Church bells toll 33 to commemorate Jesus Christ's death.
10. Good Friday was first celebrated on Friday, April 3, A.D 33
11. It is believed superstitiously that buns baked on Good Friday never went mouldy
Happy Good Friday


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