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works old son spotted his akwa year repair teaching mechanic 2 ibom photos

Akwa Ibom Mechanic Spotted Teaching His 2-year-old Son Repair Works (photos)

A man identified as John Nta has taken to Facebook to express his concern over a mechanic he saw taking his 2-year-old son through repair works at his workshop in Akwa Ibom State.
According to the man, the little boy, despite his innocence, has been able to identify some basic tools at the workshop and his father hopes he will become an Aeronautic Engineer sometimes in the future.
He wrote:
The lens of my superior camera caught this duo working on a customer’s tricycle popularly called Keke yesterday at Itikke street, off ikot ekpene Rd.
When I spotted them, I became curious and went to interview the mechanic.
Me: Good afternoon sir.
Mechanic: Good afternoon bro, you bring work?(sic)
Me: No sir, I saw you and the little boy working and became curious and decided to come and admire your work.
Mechanic: Ok bro.
Me: Who is he, your son orrrrrr..
Mechanic: (cuts in) he’s my son. He is very strong.
When he comes back from school, he works here with me.
Me: How old is he? I think he’s too small to start now to work.
Mechanic: Who told you?? That boy knows all the spanners and their numbers. I want him to repair airplane in future so that he will rescue me from poverty.
….There and then, he told the boy to get him 10 spanners, I was shocked to see this 2 years old boy fiddle through the toolbox and brought out number 10 spanner for the dad.
My heart melted.
Is it proper to do this? ??
Photo Credit: facebook/John Nta

Source: https://londonbaze.com/akwa-ibom-mechani...ks-photos/
Even though the father wants the child to become an Aeronautical engineer in future, but he should allow him to go to school early enough.
Catch them young

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