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time a gayle resor fantasy of matter lizzy

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A Matter Of Time (fantasy Resor - Lizzy Gayle
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[Image: _85163d8a3789a8b839db440ad356bfb1.jpeg]
epub | 432.11 KB | English | Isbn:9781648982231 | Author: Lizzy Gayle | Year: 2022


Quote:Arizona circa 1888 may be a fun place to visit, but the Time Capsule Fantasy Resort didn't mean to crash land there.
It's up to Walter Doyle, inventor of the new technology, to find and repair the missing cloaking device without altering the timeline. Easier said than done when he runs into a real-life, real-sexy Annie Oakley named Sadie. From the moment she points her shotgun at him, he's smitten.
All Sadie Rogers wants is to be left alone to mind her ranch and her son, something the men in town wouldn't be keen on if they found out her husband was dead. Keeping a low profile gets more complicated when the handsome Wally shows up on a hush-hush mission from Washington. When his top-secret contraption kills a man on Sadie's property, she hides the evidence. Though, she might be convinced to turn the thing over in exchange for Wally posing as her new fiancé to help save her ranch.
With sabotage afoot and a town full of corrupt cowboys and nosy neighbors, can Wally and Sadie find a way to solve both their problems? Maybe. But they'll create an even bigger one while trying-how to hold on to love that transcends time itself.

Category:Time Travel Romance, Time Travel Romances, Science Fiction Romance



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