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to a boyfriend stories my 18 topster 1 episode letter

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A Letter To My Boyfriend: Episode 1 – 18 : Topster Stories
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A Letter To My Boyfriend: Episode 1 – 18 : TOPSTER STORIESStory Written by PRINCE AUSTIN

Mr. Richard was seating on a chair in his sitting room


a news paper when his daughter princess Shantel


in and sat close to him. She took his phone which was


the table and began to operate whereby drawing her

father’s attention.

“Don’t waiste my credit oh” Mr. Richard warned with


smile. Shantel rolled her eyes still operating the phone.

“I’m not

calling anybody” she replied and Mr. Richard focused


on his newspaper he was reading. Shantel occasionally


at her father, not knowing how to start a conversation


him especially wen it has to do with her boyfriend Austin.


is true that Austin used to be her driver but they later


in love which her father was against and sacked him.


if that wasn’t enough, Austin was thrown into the prison


hard lab our on a crime he never committed and yet


can’t do anything to bring out her love from the prison


pains her the most. she dropped back the phone on the


and adjusted closer to her father.

“Daddy” she called.

“Yea dear” he answered not looking at her.


can you do me a favour?” Shantel asked not sure if


father will agree to her request.

“Awww go ahead” Mr. Richard said. Shantel breathed


“Please can you call the persecution the Antony to


the case?” Shantel requested facing downward. Mr.


cast a deadly look at her.

“Shantel go back to your room and go face your studies


the exam coming up next week” Mr. Richard said.


I know you know his innocent. is no longer about him


about both of us being what you don’t want us to be.

daddy is

about his poor parents. daddy pls release him” she begged.

Mr. Richard thought for a while.

“On one condition. That you stop seeing him” Mr. Richard said


Shantel went dumbed.

“There’s something that nobody can change till death. Not



mummy, not even me. Is beyond all the forces. The power of love.


I love him” she said. Mr. Richard stood up angrily with his


“Then this discussion is over” he said and walked out on her.

“Daddy I……I….I……”

she paused when she discovered that her dad has already


into his room. She sat back on a seat feeling Sad as If her world


already crashing. she can’t imagine Austin locked up in prison

just because of her.

“I talk to mummy and she walked out on me. You too, you walk


on me. No matter what he face there. I love him and will forever

will” she

said and collapse on the chair.



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