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to that peculiar are nigerians 7 traditions

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7 Traditions That Are Peculiar To Nigerians
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Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Colonization didn’t change Nigerians’ tradition that much. At least there are some traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians only. And you seldom find them in other parts of the world.

As a matter of fact, what I love most about our country is the fact that we don’t allow our educational qualification and exposure affect our traditions. This has been the reason why we survive different trials as a nation. However, this article will highlight the top 7 traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians.

Top 7 Traditions That Are Peculiar To Nigerians

Irrespective of where you live in Nigeria, you will definitely experience any of the following traditions.

#1 Having Three Weddings

Three weddings is one of the traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians. When you want to marry a lady, you will start with Introduction. This is a mini ceremony where food and drinks will be shared. The ceremony usually takes place at the bride’s place.

During this occasion, the family of the Groom will officially declare their intentions to the bride family. When the bride family accepts the proposal, food and drink will go on.

After the introduction, the traditional wedding otherwise known as engagement will set in. Though the traditional wedding requirements differ from one ethnic groups to another. However, some common rites are paying of bride price, carrying of wine, prostration, flogging etc. Remember, food and drinks will also be present during this occasion.

Finally, the Court, Christian or Muslim marriage depending on the couple’s religious belief. And all these three weddings involve sharing foods, drinks and other presents. Even the much hyped royal wedding was only one.

#2 Omugwo ( Otherwise known as After birth care)

Omugwo is another peculiar tradition among Nigerians. It is the care a mother-in-law gives to a daughter-in-law after birth. Although it is common among the Igbos, but it has cut across all tribes in Nigeria. In fact, there are instances when both couples mother will be around for an Omugwo.

#3 Child Dedication

Child dedication is among the 10 traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians. It is different from naming ceremony and varies from faith to faith. Generally, it involves thanking God for the life of the baby. It is a tradition that has come to stay in Nigeria.

#4 Spraying Money

Oh! you don’t know? Spraying money is definitely among the traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians. Have you heard of any other country around the world where they spray money during ceremonies?

You see both the rich and the poor spraying money on people dancing just to belong to a class. Even if their family is suffering at home, they will wear nice clothes and start showing off by spraying money. Phew!

#5 Greeting Elders

Greeting of Elders is a serious tradition in Nigeria. Depending on the tribe or ethnic group, females are required to kneel down when greeting their elderly ones. While males are expected to squat or prostrate before an elder.

Annoyingly, if you refuse to kneel down or prostrate to an elder, some culture may see you as a rude and prideful person. You are surprised right? Don’t be, that is what you see in a country where there are over 250 ethnic groups.

#6 Giving Things With Your Right Hands

Nigerians see it as a taboo for you to eat, hand over or collect things from people with left hand. It is actually a sign of disrespect in Nigeria for you to hand over something to an elder with left hand. So, if you are in Nigeria, take note of this, it is among the traditions that are peculiar to Nigerians.

#7 Switch On Generator 7pm at Night

Most people that use generator in Nigeria always on it by 7pm at night. It has become a tradition among most Nigerians and if you go to some neighbourhood, the sound of generators will almost deafen your ear. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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