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purification of water method 3 local

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3 Local Method Of Water Purification.
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Every human on earth crave for a healthy life, and of course you want to be happy. Good health does not just improve happiness it also keep you active and enhance your ability, and a lot more benefits you may think of.

Good food, clean water, good personal hygiene, exercise etc, can keep you healthy enough.

In this post I'll only write about clean water, in my subsequent posts I'll discuss the rest.

You may have heard a doctor recommend to you, close relative, or friend to drink plenty water to stay hydrated. Good amount of water regulates your body system well.

You don't just need plenty water, you need plenty clean or pure water (not the sachet water they hulk from God-knows-where in the street), I mean well treated water. If you ignore this fact then you'll you have a side effect to cure. But good purified water cost a lot, and it's not easily accessible and affordable by the poor living in rural areas. But the good news is that you can purify your drinking water yourself cheap, or even without cost. But it required little effort from you.

Apply the following method and you are on the verge of drinking pure and clean water.

1. Filter and Boil
This is a common local way of water purification, but don't play with it, it's common and easy yet effective. Filter your water very well to make it clean, then boil in a good temperature to make it pure.

2. Chemical
This is another effective way of purifying water. This method too include filtering to remove dirt first then apply a good amount of chemical that will kill germs during reaction, pure after.
Ozone, chlorine, Potassium permangnate etc are chemicals used in water purification, but most of those chemicals are obscure and unaccessible in rural area and the cost of affording it may be high too. So I recommend using the common one Chlorine.
This is the chlorinising formula for treating drinking water: 500 milligrams of chlorine per 1 liter of water. So you get 1pint or glass of chlorine in 12.5 gallons of water.
You may be wondering how or where to get this chemical called chlorine? It's easy to get, you can use the alternative we have common in nigeria in almost every provisions store near you. I'm talking about the common disinfeactual bleaching liquid you use in removing stain from your white cloths i.e Hypo and jik . Ok try it and you get the best water ever.

3. Sun heating
This method is not too common, but is another easy and effective way of purifying drinking and bathing water. Filter your water very well, then cover it and expose it to the heat of the sun for 8 eight good hours and you are good to go.

That is the 3 best local method of water purification.
Try it and continue to live healthy.
To God Be The GlorySmile



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