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hate aliens about you fiona roarke 10 things

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10 Things Aliens Hate About You - Fiona Roarke
(106 )
[Image: b2d4e2bea81c1e3ac3660863ffc36db6.png]
epub | 300.38 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1944312242 | Author: Fiona Roarke | Year: 2019


Quote:Valvoline Ethyl Grey, the youngest sibling and only daughter in the Grey clan, knows the rules when it comes to Alpha-human relationships-it's fine to have a little fun, just don't get too attached, unless you want a one-way ticket back to a homeworld that's never been home.

Skeeter Bite Sheriff Wyatt Campbell is as easygoing as they come, but even he has his limits. At first he thought Vee wanted to keep their romance under wraps to protect him from a butt-kicking from one-or all-of her six brawny older brothers. Since they seem to like him well enough, that can hardly be the case. Now he just has to convince his commitment-shy girlfriend to take a chance. She already has his heart. Why not his ring?

A woman raised among oblivious humans in a super-secret alien colony in Alienn, Arkansas should know better than to have a super-secret love affair with a human, let alone a sheriff. But strong-willed Valene is all too weak when it comes to a certain tall, blond and utterly scrumptious lawman.

Although he comes to her family's aid when they need him most and vows to keep the secret from other humans that aliens live among them, Valene is determined to sacrifice her love for Wyatt's greater good.

Wyatt has other plans.

Category:Science Fiction Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance



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