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share Download Free Besma V1.0.5 – Bulk Email & Sms Marketing Application Php Script
02-12-2018, 03:28 PM,
Download Free Besma V1.0.5 – Bulk Email & Sms Marketing Application Php Script
Use Goodbye Spammer on Abollyhost.

some days ago, i promised to share this bulk email and sms sender script.

But before you download this script,

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check the features below
<h3 id="item-description__full-features">Full Features</h3>
<li>Client Management System
<li>Add New Client</li>
<li>Client Manage</li>
<li>Set SMS or Email Quota For specific Client</li>
<li>Clients Group
<li>All Groups</li>
<li>Add New Group</li>
<li>All Invoices</li>
<li>Create New Invoice</li>
<li>Bulk Email
<li>Send Bulk Email</li>
<li>Send Email From File</li>
<li>Email History</li>
<li>Email Providers</li>
<li>Bulk SMS
<li>Send Bulk SMS</li>
<li>Send SMS From File</li>
<li>Send Schedule SMS</li>
<li>Send Schedule SMS From File</li>
<li>SMS History</li>
<li>11+ SMS Gateways Integration</li>
<li>Set Different Prices for Different SMS Gateways</li>
<li>SMS Price Plan</li>
<li>Create SMS Price Plan</li>
<li>Add SMS Price Plan features</li>
<li>Support Tickets Management System
<li>Create New Ticket</li>
<li>Create Support Department</li>
<li>Support Ticket Manage</li>
<li>Support Department Manage</li>
<li>Message Replay Between Administrator and Clients</li>
<li>Upload and Download Related Support Ticket Files</li>
<li>Change Support Department</li>
<li>Change Ticket Status ETC.</li>
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<li>Add New Administrator</li>
<li>Administrator Manage</li>
<li>Administrator Role</li>
<li>Administrator Role Manage</li>
<li>4 Payment Gateways</li>
<li>Email Templates Manage</li>
<li>Customize Your Company Information</li>
<li>Translate Your application To any Language Using Language Handler</li>
<li>Disable SMS or Email Options for specific clients or full systems</li>
<li>Email Notifications</li>
<li>Different Panel For Client</li>
<li>Send Email or SMS From Client Panel</li>
<li>Request for Email Or SMS Quota using Payment Gateways</li>
<li>Responsive Design</li>
<li>And Many More….</li>

<a href="https://blog.abollyhost.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/54286_besma_v105_1.zip">Download besma v105 script here</a>

<h2 id="item-description__demo-instructions">Demo Instructions</h2>

<strong>For Admin Portal:</strong>

<strong>Login URL:</strong> <a href="https://kashem.me/demo/besma/admin/" rel="nofollow">https://kashem.me/demo/besma/admin/</a>

<strong>User Name:</strong> admin

<strong>Password:</strong> admin.password


<strong>For Client Portal:</strong>

<strong>Login URL:</strong> <a href="https://kashem.me/demo/besma" rel="nofollow">https://kashem.me/demo/besma/</a>

<strong>Email:</strong><a href="mailto:client@coderpixel.com">client@coderpixel.com</a>

<strong>Password:</strong> client.password

Note: this script is a premium script and i may take this post down at anytime.


Iff you encouter any problem, feel free to drop your comment.....

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