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hot Lady Cheats On Her Boyfriend In Advance Because She Was Suspecting Him Of Same
14-05-2018, 01:40 PM,
Lady Cheats On Her Boyfriend In Advance Because She Was Suspecting Him Of Same
A lady and Twitter user @H3NNYC0K3 is currently trending on the social media platform, after she shared the advantages of cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend in advance.

The lady who recounted her ugly breakup story, disclosed that after she stumbled upon nude photos on her boyfriend's phone, she also brought out her own proof of cheating and declared they were even. her tweets reads;

Broooo I went through my mans phone while we were sleeping once and found nudes.... I deadass slapped him awake so hard that his earring came off. I wake him up like “Who this? CALL HER RIGHT bleeping NOW” nigga was the Bleep shook.

Niggas always wanna use that raspy fake crying voice talm bout “baby please I’m sorry I love you” when you catch them cheating. Shutup pussy. Luckily I cheated in advance and showed him proof out of my phone right then and there. I’m like “it’s cool bro we’re even now”... the look on his face Plot twist.

This nigga had the nerve to choke me like “YOU GAVE MY PUSSY AWAY? YOU CHEATED TOO? FUCKIN THOT”.... Bloop. First of all, I cheated just in case... plus I was suspicious. You just cheated cause you wanted to. There’s a difference LMFAO

Now we just choking and screaming at eachother back and forth looking dumb trying to justify our reasons for cheating... then he drives me home and Im crying the whole way there cuz I’m soft smh

I block him on everything and im deadass done. My friends hitting me up telling me he contacted all of them and poo....then a couple days later My moms like “hey you got a delivery”

Nigga wrote me a whole ass heartfelt novel in that card... eventually I was just like ehh Bleep it we both cheated, let me stop being mad so we can be in love again n poo. And that’s exactly what I did. Happily ever after.

Moral of the story is: cheating builds character. And ALWAYS cheat in advance so when and if you find your partner cheating it doesn’t hurt as much if y’all meant for eachother y’all will get thru it LMAO

I left out the part where he cursed all my bestfriends out for smiling in his face knowing that I cheated on him. He really texted all their phones blacking they were all sending me screenshots. @flexible

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