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hot Sex.....at First Time:episode One.
03-14-2018, 11:06 AM,
Sex.....at First Time:episode One.
Truly the nearest I even got about
the reality of sex was a porn
magazine I saw under my dad's
matress while cleaning his room
one day! Before I go on I think I should give u the background of
myself and my little family.My
mom bathed me till almost age 9
and sometimes my elder sister did
too.Sometimes after my bath my
sister will remove her clothes immediately and began to bath too
telling me to hurry up to go and
dress up,at dat time she was
around 12 while I was 5.I never
knew what to make of her two
small pointing breasts or the scanty hairs growing on her pubic
but I discovered dat it was getting
denser and her breasts were
getting bigger as years go on!By d
time I was around 7 she stopped
bathing me as she got conscious of her now jutting breasts and d hair
in her pubic, by this time has
grown to be a slightly dense
jungle.We lived in a flat of 3
bedroom and mom and dad has
their rooms co-join(It was later I know why), while me and my elder
sister and younger one slept in the
same room on different beds.At
age 9 mom stopped bathing me
too as I have grown taller and
bigger.One day she asked me to go and get water ready for bath in d
bathroom as usual in d morning to
start preparing for school.
After putting the water in d
bathroom she came as usual with
the sponge and soap tying her towel on her naked body.I was
peeing as she came in d
bathroom""See u,the place will be
smelling now!She complained"U
should have urinated in d toilet''
""Sorry mom'' I replied.She closed d bathroom door and began d
ritual of rubbing soap in d sponge
while humming a Christian song.
She poured water on my head and
began to bath me from d head till
she got to my mid section "Jesus''she exclaimed when she saw
my already pointing spear!At 9 my
penis was bigger than every other
mates around."From now on u
start to bath urself''she told
me"Why mom'',was all I could mutter.Recently I was starting to
feel funny when I touch myself
down there!
"Nothing''she replied but unlike
before she didn't wash around dat
place but gave me the sponge to finish up.Since dat day she never
bathed me again.A week after day
she traveled and my sister in order
to manage d small remaining
water in d house decided to bath
me! Inside of me I was now conscious of myself a little bit,but yet to really
know anything about sex.My sister
already had not bathed me in
recent times and so was in deep
shock when she had locked d door only to turn and
see dat I was sporting an enormous hard-
on !,"Chai u don't grow o'' her eyes
fixed on my hardened cock.She
began to bath me nevertheless and
when she got there she lingered and thoroughly
washed d place! She watched in horror as I got
stiffer.As she was cleaning d soap
on my body with water,she held
my swollen dick in her hand and
poured d water on it pulling on it in d process while
looking at my face for reaction.She smiled "U this
boy carry wetin pass u''I just
opened my mouth enjoying her
hand on my dick.I was beginning
to have sensation.After d bath I hurried to dress for
school,but d event of dat day was indelible in
my mind!
One day I was now 13 and fully
aware of sex from watching blue
films and d magazine I saw in my dad's room.My
sister had become 20 and all sorts of bigger boys are
coming to our house.One day I was
not feeling fine and had to stay at
home while on drug,my sister by
dat time has finished her exams and was waiting for
results at home.
It was around 11am and d house
was quite with mom and Dad gone
to work and my little sister in
school. One of our neighbor's son James Peters came
thinking I was sleeping my sister smuggled him into our
parents room.
I gave them 2 mins and went and
peeped.There on d bed my sister
already naked naked with her
voluptuous boobs rearing! James was already fingering her wide
open pussy her long clitoris
reddened at his touch.She was
moaning quietly.James too was
naked now and I could see his
dangling sac of scrotums,his long dick was pointing out.He climbed
on d bed on t whoop of her eating
out her pussy while she was
sucking his pendulums dick .
By this time I was hard with my
nuts tingling.......To be continued (If u want me to complete the story u
must rate d story so far:...

Source at Golditeloader at facebook
03-14-2018, 04:56 PM,
RE: Sex.....at First Time:episode One.
Please more
03-14-2018, 05:05 PM,
RE: Sex.....at First Time:episode One.

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