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Nigeria Youths Blasts All Special Anti Robbery Squad (s.a.r.s)
12-03-2017, 09:01 PM,
Nigeria Youths Blasts All Special Anti Robbery Squad (s.a.r.s)
#Sarz Issues In Nigeria.
You see me on my system, you see people using
their laptop, computer, PC and Palmtops and you
just conclude that he is a Yahoo Boy.
You see them making $1000 or more every month
and you just tag him a 419 Guy.
What! I think is high time that most people should
understand what these people are using their PC
You cannot maltreat me because you saw some
foreign earnings on my phone. My phone is
personal and so you can't just access it any how. SARZ need to change their mentality and mode of
You guys discourage our teens.

There is no job in this country and we are getting
jobs abroad. Stop threatening our lives. We've got
clean consciences.

I cannot keep sleepless nights, make my $$$ only
to be embarrassed by a riffraff who cannot boast of
enough money for himself. All they do is get money
from these Yahoo guys after tormenting them.

When you see most people using their system (PC)
regularly it's simply because they are as Follow:
1. Bloggers
2. Vloggers
3. Programmers
4. Freelance Writers
5. Internet Surfers
6. Online Publishers
7. Journalists
8. Reporters
9. Copy Writers
10. Students
11. Web Developers
12. Software Developers
13. Editors
Please get those stuffs like they are 419 off your
mind, these set of people are creating platforms for
a better Nigeria.
So Fight #Sarz Threats

Did You Support Them???

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